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Five College Libraries EBL Pilot Project

This consortial patron-driven acquisition project offers a wide, uniform pool of eBook titles across the five campuses, with a single link to the eBook (rather than five separate links for the five campuses).   

Costs relate to use.  Short browses are free; longer browses, printing, and copying generate a one-week loan of the book.  Five loans from a single campus trigger a purchase.  All titles offer unlimited simultaneous use for the short term loans.

The loans are paid for from a shared deposit account (based on the elevenths formula), with purchases paid for by the individual campuses.

EBL data from December 2, 2013 through March, 2015 includes the following visualizations:

  • EBL Library View Dashboard
  • EBL Library Dashboard by Patron, Title, and Subject
  • Five College EBL Totals
  • Monthly Spending
  • EBL Pilot - Publisher Dashboard
  • Year of Publication Dashboard
  • EBL Titles
  • EBL Time Dashboard
  • Subject by User Status and Library
  • Pre and Post Dashboard
  • 25 Most Expensive Books with Price Increases - August 2014 compared to March 2015
  • 25 Most Expensive Books by Imprint and Publisher - August 2014 compared to March 2015
  • >$100 use
  • Aleph overlap with ownership and EBL borrowing library