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Cell Phone Policy

University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries
Cell Phone Policy


The UMass Amherst Libraries discourages the use of cell phones in Library buildings because users expect libraries to create an environment conducive to reading, study, research, consultation, and quiet collaboration. All library users and staff are expected to respect those who desire quiet to conduct their library activities. When entering any library building, please set cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices to silent or vibrate mode. Users engaging in disruptive cell phone conversations in public and staff areas will be asked by library staff to move to one of the designated cell phone areas or outside. Please do not speak on cell phones while receiving service at a public service desk.

Quiet Zones

Publicity, signage, and staff indicate these areas are designated “quiet” areas where cell phone use is inappropriate. Any areas near staff offices, service desks, PCs, and reading areas are quiet areas.


  •     Floor 3 east

W.E.B. Du Bois Library

  •     Floor 2 north
  •     Floor 3
  •     Floor 25 Special Collections and University Archives, Reading Room 2563

Cell Phone Zones

Publicity, signage, and staff direct users to these designated areas to engage in cell phone conversations that may be disruptive to others.


  •     Lobbies on Floor 1 and 2 inside Lederle Lowrise, but outside the Library

W.E.B. Du Bois Library

  •     Cell Zone™ booths: Lower Level (2), Floor 2 and 3 elevator lobbies
  •     Lower Level outside in the courtyard
  •     Entrance or Level outside front door, outer lobby, west lobby, coffee bar/café
  •     Pond side monumental stairwell
  •     All Floors in elevator lobbies

Proposed by User Services Advisory Group: January, 2005
Approved by Senior Management Group: January 26, 2005
Revised by Senior Management Group: May 11, 2005
Revised by Senior Management Group: October 26, 2005


Last Edited: 6 March 2012