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Withdrawal of Print Materials from the Collection

Library materials shall be withdrawn from the Library's collection upon being declared Missing, Lost by a Patron, or Discarded by Library staff. At the time an item is withdrawn, Collection Development will be informed in order to make a decision in regard to possible replacement, and Cataloging and Processing will be informed in order to suppress the item record (and the bibliographic record, if there are no other copies or volumes), remove the Library's holdings from OCLC (unless there are other copies or volumes), and record the withdrawal in the statistics of the collection. (Exceptions: does not include material housed in government documents; also, records for material discarded according to regular schedule, e.g. “latest volume only retained,” will simply be deleted from III).

An item will be declared Missing when it has been searched at least twice, over a period of at least a year. At the point an item is noted to be absent, the item status will be coded 's' (On Search). Searches of materials “on search” will be conducted twice a year, generally during the January Intersession and in the Summer. Dates of first and second searches will be recorded in a note in the item record (the first notice of absence may be counted as the first search). At the point an item is declared “Missing,” its status will be changed to 'm' (Missing) and it will be withdrawn, as stated above.

An item record will be declared Lost by a patron at the point at which the status is changed to '$' (Billed-Paid). The item will be withdrawn as stated above. Also, any items coded 'n' (Billed-Not Paid) for a period of at least five years will be withdrawn.

An item will be declared Discarded when Library staff decide to physically dispose of an item (usually because of severe damage or duplicate status), at which point the item status will be coded 'c' (Discarded).

When an item is withdrawn, the Imessage field in the item record will be coded 'm' in all cases, in order to trigger an alert to circulation staff during a transaction that a missing item has been found. Item records and bibliographic records (unless there are other copies or volumes) will be suppressed from public view, but will be retained in the catalog. A note in the item record should be made explaining the situation, with initials and date. A record of the withdrawal will also be made in the checkin record for materials that have checkin records.


Access Services or branch staff declare an item Missing or Lost by Patron, code records as above, and notify Collection Development and Cataloging and Processing.

In the case of items discarded due to damage, Cataloging and Processing will notify Collection Development, code the III records as above, and withdraw the item.

Collection Development decides whether or not a withdrawn item should be replaced and, if so, places an order with Acquisitions.

Acquisitions orders the replacement copy and notes in the order record that the order is a replacement for the given item.

Cataloging and Processing maintains OCLC holdings, statistics of the collection, and catalogs replacement volumes.