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Berkshire Human Rights Speaker Series

Whitney Battle-Baptiste to take part in the Berkshire Human Rights Speaker Series 2015- 2016 on Sunday October 11 at 2PM

Encouraging community through awareness and understanding


Whitney Battle-Bapiste - From A Moment to A Movement: A Generational Conversation About Why BlackLivesMatter.  Prof. Battle-Bapiste, is a historical archaeologist at U-Mass, Amherst, who studies race, class and gender in the shaping of cultural landscapes across the African Diaspora.  We’re at a moment where the time for talking seems to be over. We’re at a moment when we need to eliminate the status quo. There have been struggles for racial and economic justice for several generations, this has been our history. However, the very concept of Black Lives Matter has been a call for all of us to stand up and take notice of a new, young, and exasperated generation who want to effect change through the language and mechanisms that are familiar to them. We can learn from the past when the past can connect with the specifics of the present and future. This talk is about bridging that gap, and how the realities of our world today shift the conversation around pain and struggle from a moment, to a sustainable movement. First United Methodist Church, Pittsfield, MA