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Data Management

The Libraries' Data Working Group supports faculty and graduate students who need to meet funder expectations for data management, analyze existing data management practices, or create new practices that best fit the needs of their research projects.

The Data Working Group currently provides the following services:

  1. Reviews of Data Management Plans. Contact us to request a review one week prior to your submission deadline.
  2. Workshops on data management best practices and data management plan preparation.
  3. Consultations on metadata and standards for data format and content, policies for data sharing and accessibility, and plans for long-term access to data sets.
  4. Support deposit of scholarly outputs with ScholarWorks.

The Data Working Group also supports the DMPTool, which walks you through the process of writing your data management plan -- a great first step in organizing your data.

For more information about managing your data, see the DWG's guide on Data Management Best Practices.

Three Things You Can Do Today to Help Manage Your Data

  1. Backup your work.
    Take advantage of automated backups -- many are built in to your operating system (e.g., Windows 7, OSX). For a more sophisticated system, strive to follow the 3-2-1 rule: three copies of your data in two storage formats and one copy in a geographically different area.
  2. Organize your data.
    Decide on an organizational scheme and stick to it. You might start with a consistent naming scheme, a file organizing convention, or organizing your projects into groups.
  3. Document what you have done.
    Integrate note-taking into your work. This could be as simple as adding a "readme" file into your project folder, which describes what has been done, and who was in charge of what for this particular work.