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UMass supports Knowledge Unlatched

Scholarly monographs are the latest open access experiment.  The Knowledge Unlatched project is a collaborative to enable the open access publication of several dozen newly published scholarly monographs.  UMass is one of the contributing institutions.  See for more information. 


UMass joins SCOAP3

UMass joined SCOAP3 (the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics) in 2008, through the Northeast Regional Libraries (NERL).  The open access physics project is moving ahead, and UMass will soon be contributing financially toward the review processes available through SCOAP3. See for more information.


Webinar, Feb. 14, on Faculty Fair Use and Teaching

We are hosting a webinar on faculty fair use and teaching, from Kevin Smith (Duke University).  The webinar will be on Thursday, February 14, in the Du Bois Library, 4th floor Administrative Conference Room, at 1:00.  RSVP to Laura Quilter at lquilter at 


Open Library of Humanities

The Open Library of Humanities is a new project to provide open access publishing and organizing for the humanities and social sciences.  It is modeled after PLOS, the Public Library of Science. 


Services » Scholarly Communication

Scholarly Communication


The University Libraries provide numerous services related to scholarly communication, including: 

  • Institutional Repository - The Scholarly Communication Department maintains ScholarWorks. a BePress institutional repository, to provide access to your campus-generated scholarship.
    • The Libraries are embarking on an ambitious, multi-year project to digitize all of the University of Massachusetts Amherst's dissertations and theses.  Visit ScholarWorks/ETDs to see current and past dissertations and theses, or visit the Digitization Notice Board to see lists of works as they are being digitized.
    • Current theses and dissertations are all deposited through ScholarWorks.
    • Faculty and campus researchers and authors are invited to create individual ScholarWorks pages, to highlight their own work.  Campus departments and units can also create their own pages, to highlight work of their unit or affiliates. 
  • copyright and publication issues -- author's rights, fair use of included materials, licensing and assignment of your research and publication
  • open access.  We offer numerous services relating to open access, including informational programming and consultations.  See Workshops and Instructional Sessions.
  • open educational resources (OERs) and teaching materials - We support development of OERs, by providing grants for development of OERs, as well as coordinating development of resources with subject / liaison librarians. 
  • publishing and editorial services - We publish a variety of conferences, journals, workshops, datasets, or even monographs; also offer support for campus editors and journals, including a campus editor support group.

What is "scholarly communication"?  What role does it play at UMass?

"Scholarly Communication" is a term used to describe the ways that academics, researchers, scholars, and teachers share information, through publications and teaching.


Contact us for more information:

Use the Digital Scholarship & Consultation Services form to request scholarly communication services, or contact us directly.  


News and Events:

  • Campus Editors Group, April 14, 11:30-12:15pm, 19th floor, Du Bois Library.
  • Copyright Reading Group, May 5, 12-1pm, Room 1949, Du Bois Library.


Last Edited: 14 April 2014