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Teaching Commons Equipment

Description of Space

The Teaching Commons, located in room 2604 on the 26th floor of the W.E.B. Du Bois Library, supports the instruction, research and development needs of the UMass Amherst faculty. The Teaching Commons provides:

  • A first-service point of contact for faculty, informing them of what faculty services are available on campus

  • A space to foster cross-departmental collaboration

  • On-site basic technology support, with referrals to in-depth support elsewhere on campus

  • Special workshops of interest, facilitated by UMass departments, faculty support staff and UMass faculty

  • Faculty-run and faculty-led discussions and groups on topics of interest

*This space serves as an area for independent research, group work and interdepartmental collaboration and includes:


  • LCD projector/pulldown screen

  • Comfortable seating for 7

  • Portable flat screen monitor(s) for presentation/display for up to 12 people


  • Comfortable seating (armchairs) for 7

  • Rolling office chairs for 20+ (extra available in nearby storage if needed)

  • Collaborative workrooms (2 available), including 32” flat screen display and laptop connection; room can accommodate up to 5 users


  • 9 iMac computers with dual boot capability (Windows and Mac OS platform cross-compatible)

  • 2 PC computers (Dell)

  • 1 full-color scanner

  • 1 photocopier, interoperable w/ Pharos

  • Laptop (PC) with webcam and headset, for connection channel to Instructional Media Lab in LGRC

The uses and reservation of this space is outlined in the “Who” section.




Last Edited: 30 March 2011