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Du Bois maintained an avid interest in his family history and collected a variety of material relating to his past. The genealogical records in this series include vital, military, financial, and land records; lists of relatives and important family dates; and two diaries of his paternal grandfather, Alexander Du Bois (156 and 1861), along with some of Alexander's correspondence (1875 and 1878).

The series also includes manuscript and printed materials from Du Bois' education at Great Barrington High School, Fisk University (including his teaching certificates and contracts from Tennessee, 1886 and 1887), Harvard University, and the University of Berlin, as well as his time on the faculty at Wilberforce and Atlanta Universities. Also included in the series are brief biographies of Du Bois, bibliographies of his writings, a list of books in his personal library, and a typed translation of an oral history conducted with Du Bois by William Ingersoll in 1960.

The series contains several works by other authors, including Shirley Graham Du Bois' notes and fragments of speeches for legal defence of Du Bois in 1951; six poems by Yolade Du Bois; manuscript speeches and published articles by Hugh Smythe (one of Du Bois' assistants); and other handwritten, typed, and printed articles and speeches. Many of these concern the status, education, and economic condition of Blacks.


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W.E.B. Du Bois Papers: Series 16. Miscellaneous, 1803-1964
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Call no.: MS 312

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Inventory of Collection
Series 16. Miscellaneous

A. General

Oral history interview of Du Bois by William Ingersoll of Columbia University Oral History Project
1960 May 5-June 9
Reel 88: 1592

See also Series 19, Box 351, Audiotape 1

Du Bois, Alexander, Diary
1856 and 1861
Reel 89: 1

Du Bois, Alexander, Correspondence
1875 and 1878
Reel 89: 83

Harvard University Years
Reel 89: 118

  • Anthropometric chart for Du Bois, 1888-89
  • Announcement for Du Bois lectures, 1890-91
  • Harvard University Calendar, December 1891
  • Du Bois' Ignorance Club dance card, February 23, 1892
  • Du Bois' dance card, December 29, 1891
  • Accounts list, 1889
Harvard University. Class of 1890 -- 25th Anniversary Dinner Program
1915 June 23
Reel 89: 254

Harvard University. Class of 1890 -- 1950 Reunion photo identification chart
Reel 89: 272

Notes on Du Bois' trip to Germany
Reel 89: 274

Bibliographies of Du Bois' works
Reel 89: 441

  • List of articles by Du Bois, April 1948
  • Incomplete list of writings, ca.1948
  • List of contributions by Du Bois to the New York Globe and New York Freeman
  • Incomplete bibliography of Du Bois' early works
Listing of books in Du Bois' Library

Reel 89: 466

Du Bois, W.E.B., Passport
Reel 89: 465

B. Works by others

Du Bois, Shirley Graham
Reel 89: 908

  • Notes and fragments of speeches used to raise money for the legal defense of Du Bois, 1951
  • Newspaper report concerning Asian-African Writers' Conference in Tashkent, U.S.S.R., October 1958
  • Fragment of Speech
Smythe, Hugh
Reel 89: 923

  • "Race and Nationality from the Sociological Point of View," The Midwest Journal, vol. 2, Winter 1949
  • "Problems of Minority Groups of the World: The Negro ," Connecticut Chronicle, April 9, 1948?
  • "The Problems of Leadership for Negroes," May 4, 1948 (Speech)
  • "Caste, Class, and Race," Lincoln University Research Bulletin [Midwest Journal], Summer 1948, A review of a book by Oliver C. Cox, "The Negro and the Fight for Civil Rights," June 8, 1948 (Speech)
  • "Speeking Frankly," guest editorial in the Connecticut Chronicle, July 23, 1948? Incomplete
  • "Some Contributions of the Negro to American History," September 20, 1948 (speech delivered by a Miss Hurley?)
  • "A Report from the N.A.A.C.P.," October 24, 1948 (Speech)
  • "How Not to Write a Book," a review of Black Odyssey by Roi Ottley, Crisis, vol . 55, 2, December 1948
  • "Regional Education," a letter to The New York Times, December 26, 1948
  • "Recent Trends in Negro Land Grant Programs," ca.1948
  • "The Southern Kegional Plan: A Suggested Solution," c. December 1948
  • "From Slavery to Freedom," The Journal of American Folklore, vol. 62, #245, July-September 1949. Review of book by John Hope Franklin
  • Resume, data sheet
"The Merchant of Venice"
Reel 89: 996

Produced by David Belasco, March 22, 1926. Autographed souvenir volume

Kotei, S.I.A., compiler, Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois 1868-1963: A Bibliography
Reel 89: 1055

Published in Accra, Ghana, 1964

Stuart, M. S., "Harry Herbert Pace"
Reel 89: 1127

A section of An Economic Detour: A History of Insurance in the Lives of American Negroes

"Sixth Annual Report, 1915, N.A.A.C.P," Crisis. Fragment
1916 March
Reel 89: 1139

Shilladay, John R., "Anti-Lynching Work," Crisis
1918 November
Reel 89: 1148

Johnson, Georgia Douglas, "To Your Ears," Crisis
1924 November
Reel 89: 1150

Waring, Nora E., "Flight," Crisis, a review of Flight, by Walter White
1926 July
Reel 89: 1151

"In Atlanta," Crisis. Incomplete
1927 August
Reel 89: 1155

Stroud, Lulu, "The Strouds Celebrate Their Silver Wedding," Crisis. Incomplete
1929 July
Reel 89: 1157

Newsome, Effie Lee, "Youthport," Crisis
1929 November
Reel 89: 1158

Lunacharsky, A. V., "Pushkin," Crisis
1930 May
Reel 89: 1159

"The Year in Negro Education, 1930," Crisis
1930 August
Reel 89: 1163

Schuyler, Bruce, "The Moving Finger," Crisis
1931 April
Reel 89: 1167

Cunningham, Margaret K., "The Thoughts of a Colored Girl," Crisis
1933 August
Reel 89: 1172

Brown, John S., Jr, "Edward Mitchell Bannister," Crisis
1933 November
Reel 89: 1179

Hare, Maud Cuney, "The Crisis Federation of Junior Music Clubs"

Reel 89: 1184

Wright, Milton S. J., "Exchange Student"

Reel 89: 1187

Coleman, Anita Scott, "The Compact"

Reel 89: 1189

Drake, Rose, "Night Message"

Reel 89: 1209

Hinton, Richard J., Excerpts from John Brown and His Men
Reel 89: 1205

Monroe, James, "A Journey to Virginia in December, 1859"
Reel 89: 1211

Leger, J. N., An excerpt from Haiti, Her History and Her Detractors

Reel 89: 1214

Boas, Franz, An excerpt from The Mind of Primitive Man
Reel 89: 1216

Seche, Alphonse, An excerpt from Les Noires
Reel 89: 1218

Schuyler, George, "Black Warriors," American Mercury, vol . 21
1930 November
Reel 89: 1222

Chapman, Oscar J., "Why Are Negroes Going to College"

Reel 89: 1228

Baie, Maurine, Speech
Reel 89: 1231

Boden, Philippe, "Importance of the Study of Modern Languages in Negro Colleges"

Reel 89: 1240

"Frederick Douglass," excerpts of a speech made by Douglass on April 4, 1876

Reel 89: 1241

Hope, John, II, "Negro Self-Help, Rochdale Style"

Reel 89: 1243

Kraft, Irma, "Memorandum on the play 'Handicapped'"

Reel 89: 1274

Nussbaum, Anna, "The Afro-American Woman"

Reel 89: 1275

Hofmeyer, J.H.?, "The Economic Exploitation of the Tropics," by J. H. H.

Reel 89: 1277

Unidentified author, "A New Proposal," unsigned

Reel 89: 1290

Hurst, J. A. ?, "The Status of the Foreigner under the Various Haytian Constitutions," speech to American Negro Academy

Reel 89: 1300

Redding, Saunders, Introduction to The Souls of Black Folk. Fragment

Reel 89: 1310

Moorland, Jesse E., "The Young Men's Christian Association and the War." Crisis
1917 December
Reel 89: 1311

"Opinion," Crisis
1921 April
Reel 89: 1314

Samuels, Florence, "A 'clean-up day' for the Comunity," Crisis
1919 March
Reel 89: 1316

"A Social-Economic Grouping of Gainful Negro Workers in the United States, 1910-30"

Reel 89: 1319



Acquired from Shirley Graham Du Bois, 1973

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