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Founded in 1977, the Association for Gravestone Studies (AGS) is an international organization dedicated to furthering the study and preservation of gravestones. Based in Greenfield, Mass., the Association promotes the study of gravestones from historical and artistic perspectives. To raise public awareness about the significance of historic gravemarkers and the issues surrounding their preservation, the AGS sponsors conferences and workshops, publishes both a quarterly newsletter and annual journal, Markers, and has built an archive of collections documenting gravestones and the memorial industry.

The AGS Books Collection contains scarce, out of print, and rare printed works on cemeteries and graveyards, epitaphs and inscriptions, and gravemarkers, with an emphasis on North America. The collection is divided into two series: Series 1 (Monographs and Offprints) and Series 2 (Theses and Dissertations).


The collection is open for research.


Association for Gravestone Studies Book Collection, 1812-2005
269 volumes (14 linear ft.)
Call no.: Rare Book Collection

Background on Association for Gravestone Studies

Founded in 1977, the Association for Gravestone Studies (AGS) is an international organization dedicated to furthering the study and preservation of gravestones. Based in Greenfield, Mass., the Association promotes the study of gravestones from historical and artistic perspectives. To raise public awareness about the significance of historic gravemarkers and the issues surrounding their preservation, the AGS sponsors conferences and workshops, publishes both a quarterly newsletter and annual journal, Markers, and has built an archive of collections documenting gravestones and the memorial industry.

Contents of Collection

The AGS Books Collection contains scarce, out of print, and rare printed works on cemeteries and graveyards, epitaphs and inscriptions, and gravemarkers, with an emphasis on North America. Within this diverse assemblage are guides and surveys for individual cemeteries, manuals on gravemarker repair and restoration, studies of gravestone art and iconography, and some works on local history. The collection is divided into two series: Series 1 (Monographs and Offprints) and Series 2 (Theses and Dissertations).

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Inventory of Collection
Aberg, Nils, Occident and the Orient in the Art of the Seventh Century, Part III, Merovingian Empire 1947
Adams, John D., Heritage Cemeteries in British Columbia 1985
Address to Members and Friends of Methodist Episcopal Church

Amalgamated Lithographers, Lithopinion 39

American Institute of Commemorative Art, Commemorative Art
3 copies
American Life Foundation, American Life Collector, Funerary Art No. 10

American Monument Association, Memorial Symbolism, Epitaphs and Design Types 1947
Anderson, Jennifer, Those Angel Faces 1986
Andrews, Gregory, et. Al., Legacy at Risk: Connecticut's Outdoor Sculpture 1996
Andrews, William, Curious Epitaphs 1899
Anson-Cartwright, Tamara, Landscapes of Memories: A Guide for Conserving Historic Cemeteries, Repairing Tombstones 1997
Anzaloneodore V., General Laws Relating to Corporations, (Massachusetts) 1963
Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, Grave Concerns: A Preservation Manual for Historic Cemeteries in Arkansas 2000
Atvur, Orhan, Side: A Guide to the Ancient City and Museum ca.1986
Bacon, Leonard, 150th Anniversary of the General Association of Connecticut Congregational Churches

Barre School of Memorial Art, Memorialist 1949
Batsford, Herbert, English Mural Monuments and Tombstones 1916
Becherer, Richard (article), "Placing the Dead: Burial Sites in Early Boston and Beyond," Modulus 17, University of Virginia Architectural Review 1984
Bell, Edward L., Historical Archaeology at the Hudson Poor Farm Cemetery 1993
Benes, Peter, ed., Puritan Gravestone Art 1977
Benes, Peter, ed., Puritan Gravestone Art II 1978
Benes, Peter, ed., New England Historical Archaeology

Benson, John H., Burying Place of Governor Arnold 1960
Bettencourt, John, Tombstone Tales 2000
Boston, City of, Annual Report of the Cemetery Department, City of Boston 1900-1901
Bouchard, Betty J., Our Silent Neighbors 1991
Brainerd, Ezra, Marble Border of Western New England 1885
Brayley, Arthur W., History of the Granite Industry of New England, vol. 1 and 2 1913
Bretschneider, Giorgio, ed., Novita' Bibliografiche Antichita Greca E Romana 1988
Bridgman, Thomas, Memorials of the Dead in Boston 1853
Brown, Francis, Lexington Epitaphs 1905
Bruton Parish Church, Bruton Parish Churchyard: A Guide with Map 1976
Burgess, Pamela, Churchyards 1980
Butler, John V., rector, Churchyards of Trinity Parish (N.Y.) 1969
Cady, John Hutchins, Swan Point Cemetery: A Centennial History 2003
Cahill, Robert Ellis, New England's Ghostly Haunts 1983
Caulkins, Frances M., Stone Records of Groton, Connecticut 1963
Center for Connecticut Studies, Rutintone article -Conn. Hist. Vol. 35, No. 1 1994 Spring
Center for Historic Architecture, Historic Resource Surveys and the Internet 1998
Child, Mark, Discovering Churchyards 1982
Church Hymnal :Protestant Episcopal Church

Churchward, Albert, Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man

Cissna, Catherine A. and Madeline Church, Few of Our Friends in the Amador County Cemeteries 1994
Clements, Robert J., Picta Poesis 1960
Cobb, John Stoner, Quarter century of Cremation in North America 1901
Codman, Ogden, Gravestone Inscriptions: Granary Burying Ground, Boston

Collier, William, New Selection of Hymns 1812
Courtauld Institute of Art, Archive 2: 15th and 16th Century Sculpture in Italy: Part 1 Rome 1977
Courtauld Institute of Art, Archive 2: 15th and 16th Century Sculpture in Italy: Part 2 Rome 1977
Courtauld Institute of Art, Archive 4: Late 18th and 19th Century Sculpture in the British Isles: Part 3 Northamptonshire

Crabill, Jean Bischof, Immigrants and Their Cemetery: Story of Prospect Hill (D.C.) 1995
Culbertson, Judi and Tom Randall, Permanent Parisians 1986
Daley, Barney E., God's Acre 1984
Davies, Gerald S., Renascence: The Sculptured Tombs of the Fifteenth Century in Rome 1910
de Sola Pool, David, Portraits Etched in Stone: Early Jewish Settlers 1682-1831 1952
Diandrea, Phyllis M., Rubbing Off History 1975
Divine, Gerda E., Old Tombstones and Unusual Cemeteries in Columbia County, N.Y .,Vol. 1 Part 1 1973
Dorrell Sr, D. R., Ohio County Cemeteries, Indiana, rev. ed. ca.1990
Drew, Benjamin, Burial Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts (gift of Jim Jewell) 1894
Drinkwater, Robert, From Quarry to Graveyard: A Schematic Reconstruction of Early New England Gravestone-Carving Technology

Duval, Francis Y., Ivan B. Rigby, "Silent Art of our Past," American Art Review 1976 Nov.-Dec.
Eaton, A.W., Funny Epitaphs 1902
Eaton, Hubert, Comemoral: The Cemetery of the Future 1954
Ehl, Petr, et al., Old Bohemian and Moravian Jewish Cemeteries 1991
Eppler, Mary Elinor, Behold and See, As You Pass By: Epitaphs in Old Cemetery, First Presbyterian Church of Sparta, 1727-1924 1976
Erland-Brandenburg, Alain, La Cathedrale Saint-Denis (in French)

Essex Institute, Essex Institute Historical Collections 1973
Essex Institute, Essex Institute Historical Collections 1975
Ewing, Trask, Collins, preparers, Graveyard Inventory Guide 1990 2 copies
Facsimilies, Ltd., Replicas, Reproductions and Adaptations

Fairchild, Hoxie Neale, Religious Trends in English Poetry, Vol. 1: 1700-1740 1939
Fearn, Jacqueline, Discovering Heraldry 1980
First Congregational Church of Bristol Valley (Canandaigua, N.Y.), One Hundred and Thirtieth Anniversary of the First Congregational Church of Bristol Valley, 1799-1929 1929
Forbes, Harriette M., Gravestones of Early New England and the Men Who Made Them 1927
Fowler, Noel; Latremouille; Penney, Feasibility Study: Preservation, Restoration and Re-habilitation St. Paul's Cemetery, Halifax, N.S.

Friends of Nunhead Cemetery, Nunhead Cemetery: An Illustrated Guide 1988
Gloucester Community Development Corp., Journals from the Gloucester Experiment
3 copies
Goffinet, Pamela, Mapping and Documenting Cemeteries

Goodwin, Catherine L., Mourning Glory: A Story of Lowell Cemetery (Massachusetts), Revised Edition 2003
Guzzi, Paul, Historical Data: Cities and Towns in Massachusetts, 1975 1975
Halaas, David Fridtjof, Fairmount and Historic Colorado 1976
Halporn, Roberta, Lessons from the Dead 1979
Halporn, Roberta, New York is a Rubber's Paradise 1984
Hartley, W. Douglas, Search for Henry Cross 1966
Haslam, Dan. B., Memorial Design 1928
Hayward, Lawrence, Gravette

Heisey, John W., Church and Tombstone Research 1987
Hemet-San Jacinto Gen. Soc., Genealogical Seminar

Hempstead Diary (gravestone portions)

Hills, Julia C., Ruth H. McIver, John's Island Presbyterian Church Cemetery Inscriptions 1993
Hopkins, Henry Powell, Sources of Memorial Ornamentation 1924
Hymnal: Protestant Episcopal Church

Hymns for Universalist Denomination 1857
Iarocci, Joseph J., "Martha's Vineyard Gravestones from 1688 to 1804," The Dukes County Intelligencer 1979 Feb.
Japanese Book(about Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge Massachusetts)

Jerabek, Dr. L., Der Alte Prager Judenfriedhof

Johnson, Arthur Warren, Ralph Elbridge Ladd Jr., Memento Mori: Transcription of Tombstones, Ipswich, Massachusetts 1935
Johnson, Gerald W., Green Mount Cemetery: 100th Anniversary, 1838-1938 1938
Joyce, Paul, Guide to Abney Park Cemetery, London Borough of Hackney 1984
Kelly, Susan; Anne Williams, Cemetery Survey Glastonbury Model and other cemetery information 1984
Kern, Marion L., Cemeteries in the Town of Austerlitz, NY 1985
King, Gregg G., Michigan Historic Cemetery Preservation Manual (MI SHIPO) 2004
Klein, Jerry and Jack L. Bradley, Lusts of the Prairie Preachers 1996
Koel, Ottilia, A Guide to Manuscripts and Archives in Whitney Library of New Haven Colony Hist. Soc. 1988
Kunt, Ernho, Corvina Kaido, Folk Art in Hungarian Cemeteries 1983
Lancaster League of Hist. Soc., Towns of the Nashaway Plantation (Massachusetts)

Larwood, Jacob, John C. Hotten, History of Signboards 1866
Lee, Massachusetts, Gravestone Inscriptions: Lee, Massachusetts, all extant 1826-1850 1910
Lemmon, Alfred E., guest ed., "The Southern Cemetery," The Southern Quarterly 1993 Winter
Levin, Ruth, Ordinary Heroes: Story of Shaftsbury, with a Chapter on the Vermont Ghost Town of Glastenbury 1978
Linden-Ward, Blanche, "Putting the Past in Place," Proceedings of the Cambridge Historical Society 44 1985
Lion, Jindrich, Old Prague Jewish Cemetery 1960
Loughridge, Patricia R. and Edward D. Campbell, Jr., Women in Mourning 1985
Lund, Judith Navas, Burials and Burial Places in Dartmouth, Massachusetts 1997
Macdonough, Gladys G., Stone and the Spirit: Guide to Ancient Burying Ground, Wethersfield Village Cemetery. 1987
Maddy, Paul E., Guide to Rescuing Pioneer Gravestones 1989
Martin, Henry R., Comic Epitaphs 1957
Maryland Historical Society, Memoirs of the Dead and Tomb's Remembrancer 1989
Massachusetts Historical Commission, Historic Properties Survey Manual

May, Trevor, Victorian Undertaker 1996
Mayo, Charles E., Mortuary Record from the Gravestones in the Old Burial Ground in Brewster, Mass. 1898
McAleer, Althea, et al., Graveyards of North Kingstown, R.I. 1992
McClave, Elizaeth W., Epitaphs in the Only Stephentown on Earth 1990
McKean, David D., Cross and the Shamrock: Art and History of St. Patrick Cemetery, Lowell, Massachusetts 1997
McKendry, Jennifer, Into the Silent Land: Historic Cemeteries and Graveyards in Ontario 2003
McKendry, Jennifer, Weep Not For Me

Meckel, Christoph, Grabschriften

Medford, City of, Historic Cemeteries: Where Stones Talk (lesson plan for 3-4 grade)

Medland, Harvey, Tombstone Tales from Ontario Cemeteries 2000
Mellett, Dorothy, Gravestone Art in Rockland County, New York 1991
Miller, Patricia A., Connecticut Eighteenth Century Epitaphs 1999
Moeller, Marion E., Psychology of Puritan Symbolism 1974
Mueller, Ellen, Two Hundred Years of Memorialization 1976
Myers, Betty Dorsey, Segregation in Death: Gettysburg's Lincoln Cemetery 2001
Myers, Harry E., "Lest We Forget" 1993
N.C. Department of Public Resources, Bath Town Guidebook (North Carolina) 1970s
National Museums of Canada, Material History Bulletin 23 1986 Spring
Naude, Virginia N. and Glenn Wharton, Guide to the Maintenance of Outdoor Sculpture 1995
Neal Avon, and Ann Parker, Early American Stone Sculpture 1981
Nelson, Col and Mrs. Soren, History of Church Street Graveyard, Mobile, Alabama 1963
Nelson, Pamela, ed., Rites of Passage in America 1992
New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol CXXXII 1978 Apr.
Nicholas, Anna, Story of Crown Hill (Indiana) 1928
Nichols, Elaine, ed., Last Miles of the Way: African-American Homegoing Traditions 1989
Nolan, Ann and Keith A. Buckley, Indiana Stonecarver: Story of T. R. Reding 1984
Northend, Charles, compiler, Book of Epitaphs, Amusing, Curious, and Quaint 1873
Offenberg, Adri K., et. Al. eds., Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana: Treasures of Jewish Booklore 1991
Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow (Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.) and Junior League of Westchester-on-Hudson. Heritage Committee, Tales of the Old Dutch Graveyard: A Walking Tour, N. Tarrytown, NY 1984
Olds, Clifton C., Ralph G. Williams, Images of Love and Death in Late Medieval and Renaissance Art 1976
Osteen, Mame and Lakewood Cemetery Association (Minneapolis, Minn.), Haven in the Heart of the City: The History of Lakewood Cemetery 1992
Pabst, Tina, Meet Me in Heaven 2004
Paddock, Shirley M., Christine W. Angelos, Symbols in Stone 1982
Panofsky, Erwin, Meaning in the Visual Arts 1955
Parker, Marya, Living Churchyard 1989
Paulison, Arthur, Pioneers Resting in Historic Lindenwood 1973
Peterson, Gail, Last Laugh 1968
Petersson, Robert T., Art of Ecstasy: Teresa, Bernini, and Crashaw 1970
Pettigrew, Thomas Joseph, Chronicles of the Tombs: A Select Collection of Epitaphs 1968
Pettingill, Helen M., History of Grafton, Vermont, 1754-1985 1975
Phillips, Betty Jane, Cemetery Potpourri: A Cemetery Guide 1997
Pike, Martha V., Time to Mourn: Expressions of Grief in Nineteenth Century America 1980
Prichard, Katharine A., compiler, Ancient Burying-Grounds of the Town of Waterbury, Connecticut 1917
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Reisem, Richard, ed., Forest Lawn Cemetery: Buffalo History Preserved 1996
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Roberts, Anne F. and Judith Van Dyk, Experiencing Albany 1986
Ronan, Myles V., Glendaloch and Its Ruins: A Story and a Guide

Rubin, Barbara et al., L.A. In Installments: Forest Lawn 1979
Rutland County Court, Court Transcription of a lawsuit on behalf of a man killed in a quarry accident

Safford, Susan Darling, Quaint Epitaphs 1900
Sammarco, Anthony M., Old North Burying Ground, Uphan's Corner, Dorchester, Massachusetts 1984
Sawtell, William R., Early Brownville and Her Slate Quarries 1987
Sawyer, Frederick, Jessica Sawyer, Eastbury Cemetery: An Outdoor Museum 1988
Schaller, Harold J., compiler, Commemorative Art: A Collection of Distinguished Memorials

Schiller, Gertrud, Iconography of Christian Art: Vol. 1 1971
Schneider, Cary A., Proceedings of the Rockbridge Historical Society (Lexington, Virginia), vol. IX

Schweitzer, George R., German Genealogical Research

Scott, Tony Luke, Stars of Hollywood Forever 2001
Sessions, Gene, editor, Celebrating a Century of Granite Art 1989
Sharon American Revolution Bicentennial Committee, Sharon Massachusetts, a History 1976
Shattuck, Lemuel, Bills of Mortality, 1810-1849, City of Boston 1810-1849
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Sibbison, Wendy, Directory for Research on the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts 1983
Sievers, Harry J., Harrison Horror 1956
s'Jacob, Henriette, Idealism and Realism 1954
Slafter, Rev. Carlos, Epitaphs in the Old Burial Place, Dedham, Mass. 1986
Sluby, Sr., Paul E., Bury Me Deep: Burial Places Past and Present In and Nearby Washington, D.C. 2009
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Smith, Michael P., Spirit World: Pattern in the Expressive Folk Culture of Afro-American New Orleans 1984
Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn, Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey, Vol II Monuments

La Stylistique Ornementale dans la Sculpture Romane 1931
Svanevik, Michael, Pillars of the Past: Zion Episcopal Church, Avon, New York 1992
Svanevik, Michael and Shirley Burgett, Pillars of the Past: At Rest at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park 2002
Tallmer, Margot, et al., Women Facing Loss 1996
Testini, Pasquale, Christian Catacombs in Rome 1964
That Unknown Country 1888
Thomas, Samuel W., Cave Hill Cemetery

Thomsen, Mary Ellen, Loudon Park: Celebrating 125 Years 1979
Timoney, Mary B., Had Me Made: A Study of the Grave Memorials of Co. Sligo from c. 1650 to the Present 2005
Touart, Paul Baker, Building the Backcountry: An Architectural History of Davidson County, North Carolina 1987
Trask, Deborah, Life How Short, Eternity How Long 1978
Traywick, Ben T., Tombstone Outlaw Album 1984
Trustees of Milton, MA, Milton Cemetery: A Catalog of the Proprietors of Lots 1883
Unger, Frederic W., Epitaphs: A Unique Collection of Post Mortem Comment, Obituary Wit, and Quaint and Gruesome Fancy

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Ward, F.W. F., Tombstone Poetry and Scriptural Quotations (photocopy in notebook) 1895
Watertown, Connecticut, Old Burying Ground of Ancient Westbury and Present Watertown 1938
Watson, Arnold and Betty, Roster of Valor: The Titanic-Halifax Legacy 1984
Weever, John, Ancient Funeral Monuments - Britain, Ireland 1979
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Wendell, David V., Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum (Chicago)

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Williams, Melvin, Last Word 1973 2 copies
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Fagin, Elizabeth A. M., The Preservation and Repair of Cast Zinc Grave Markers. Terminal project for MS degree in Historic Preservation. Univ. of Oregon. 2002
Fitts, Robert, Puritans, Yankees and Gravestones: A Linguistic Analysis of New England Gravestone Inscriptions. MA thesis. Brown Univ., Providence, RI. 1989
Foster, Stephen Charles, Massachusetts Gravestones: A Linguistic Analysis of New England Gravestone Inscriptions. MA thesis. Brown Univ., Providence, RI. 1989
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Gordon, William A., Gravestone Design Motifs of Portage Co., Ohio 1800-1899. Honors thesis. Kent State. 1992
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ODell, Shannon D., Burial Garments in Central New York, 1840-1920. MA thesis. Univ. of Idaho, 1990
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York, Susan, A Geographic Analysis of the College Hill Cemetery, Lebanon, Illinois. MS thesis, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL. 1995

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