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Lewis, Edward M.

Edward M. Lewis Papers, 1910-1936.
5 boxes (2.5 linear feet).
Call no.: RG 3/1 L49

A one time baseball player, Edward M. Lewis was hired as a Professor of Language and Literature at the Massachusetts Agricultural College, serving as the College’s President from 1924 to 1927.

Includes personal and official correspondence primarily while Dean and President of Massachusetts Agricultural College, particularly with President Kenyon Leech Butterfield (1868-1935); administrative memoranda; student records; other records generated while Dean and President of MAC on such subjects as relations of the college with state officials, curriculum, purpose of the college, desirability of compulsory chapel, establishment of Jewish fraternities, and women’s education; also, transcripts of addresses, newspaper clippings, and biographical material. The collection includes nothing relating to Lewis’s baseball or teaching careers.

  • Massachusetts Agricultural College. Faculty
  • Massachusetts Agricultural College. President
  • Lewis, Edward M

Lillydahl, Sandy

Sandy Lillydahl Venceremos Brigade Photograph Collection, 1970-2005 (Bulk: 1970).
1 box (0.5 linear feet).
Call no.: PH 056

Jamie Lasalle cutting cane
Jamie Lasalle cutting cane

A 1969 graduate of Smith College and member of Students for a Democratic Society, Sandy Lillydahl took part in the second contingent of the Venceremos Brigade. Between February and April 1970, Lillydahl and traveled to Cuba as an expression of solidarity with the Cuban people and to assist in the sugarcane harvest.

The 35 color snapshots that comprise the Lillydahl collection document the New England contingent of the second Venceremos Brigade as they worked the sugarcane fields in Aguacate, Cuba, and toured the country. Each image is accompanied by a caption supplied by Lillydahl in 2005, describing the scene and reflecting on her experiences; and the collection also includes copies of the file kept by the FBI on Lillydahl, obtained by her through the Freedom of Information Act in 1975.

  • Cuba--Photographs
  • Students for a Democratic Society (U.S.)--Photographs
  • Sugarcane--Harvesting--Cuba--Photographs
  • Venceremos Brigade--Photographs
Types of material
  • Photographs

Metelica Aquarian Concept (part 2)

Cucumber Grocery interior. The Block 1976. Jane Allen, Jack Boschan, Johnny Haber, Kathy Puckett. (Ref. no. car71)
Rocket’s Silver Train tour bus. 1976. (Ref. no. car72)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
The Noble Feast Restaurant. 3rd Street, Turners Falls, July 4, 1976 Bicentennial celebration. (Ref. no. car73)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Noble Feast interior with plaster stalactites and “Environmental Graphics” wallpaper. 1975. (Ref. no. car74)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Zapmia Pizza interior. 3rd Street, Turners Falls. 1975. (Ref. no. car75)
Working on the wards at Belchertown State School, 1975. Nearly 75 Community members worked here from 1973-76 including Melvin Weiner [F] and Alan Harris. (Ref. no. car76)
Construction crew outside Noble Feast. 1975. David Patton, Hugh Fitzpatrick, Chris Garland, David Stackhouse. (Ref. no. car77)
Sunday service in the Theater. 1975. (Ref. no. car78)
Free Christmas dinner open to the public, complete with live music, Santa Claus and presents for the kids. The Theater, 1975-77. (Ref. no. car79)
Free Concert at the Theater. The summer of 1975 saw a Community-sponsored free public event every weekend. (Ref. no. car80)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Free pizza party courtesy Zapmia Pizza’s Patty Smith. Summer of 1975. (Ref. no. car81)
Crowds of young people on the streets of Turners Falls, a rare occurrence before — and after — the Renaissance Community’s Summer of 1975. (Ref. no. car82)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
The Choir, early phase. 1974. (Ref. no. car83)
The Choir playing at the Franklin County House of Correction, Greenfield, 1975. (Ref. no. car84)
The Choir, middle phase, recording in the theater. 1976 (Ref. no. car85)
The Choir in final touring phase playing at Supersession Festival in New Hampshire, July 4th weekend, 1977. (Ref. no. car86)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Renaissance Faire street festival, Turners Falls, September 1975. (Ref. no. car87)
Renaissance Faire street festival, Turners Falls, September 1975. Craft show, (Ref. no. car88)
Renaissance Faire street festival, Turners Falls, September 1975. Living Poem Theater mime group. (Ref. no. car89)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Renaissance Nursery at Northfield House. Summer 1978. Women are Nancy Holland, Betsy Sullivan and Debby Sonn. (Ref. no. car90)
Michael Rapunzel watching Elwood Babbitt at trance lecture, 1975. (Ref. no. car91)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Rapunzel with motorcycle and Joanne Santos, 1976. (Ref. no. car92)
Photo by: Gary Cohen

Metelica Aquarian Concept (part 5)

Michael Rapunzel (Ref. no. bin232)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Rapunzel (Ref. no. bin233)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Rapunzel (Ref. no. bin234)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Rapunzel (Ref. no. bin235)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Rapunzel (Ref. no. bin236)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Rapunzel with Heidi Bushnell (Ref. no. bin237)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Rapunzel (Ref. no. bin238)
Renaissance nursery kids with Nancy Holland. Northfield, June 1977. (Ref. no. bin239)
Photo by: Lois Sellers
Elwood Babbitt in trance. Wendell, 1978. (Ref. no. bin240)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Zapmia Pizza food concession at festival, 1976. (Ref. no. bin241)
Pushing a Honda 600 out of a snow bank. January, 1976. (Ref. no. bin242)
100th anniversary of Colle Opera House. March, 1974. (Ref. no. bin243)
Fun in the dandelions. Jane Allen [st], David Stackhouse, Larry Raffel, Isaiah Stackhouse, Wendy Garland, 1976. (Ref. no. bin244)
Signs commemorating Michael Rapunzel’s design prowess, placed in all Renaissance buildings, 1974. (Ref. no. bin245)
“Metelica Marches” in Greenfield, 1973. (Ref. no. bin246)
“Metelica Marches” in Greenfield, 1973. (Ref. no. bin247)
Living Poem Theater performing at the Renaissance Faire, 1975. (Ref. no. bin248)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Michael Rapunzel with motorcycle, Cadillac, and admirer. The Lodge, 1976. (Ref. no. bin249)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
The Choir rehearsing in Theater. Cheryl Termo in forefront, 1976. (Ref. no. bin250)
(Ref. no. bin251)
Final stage of Spirit in Flesh. John Sullivan, Michael Metelica, Joe Podlesny, August, 1973. (Ref. no. bin252)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
John Pollard, Michael Rapunzel in front of Pollard’s office at the Block, 1976. (Ref. no. bin253)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
The Block, during its heyday as the Renaissance Community nerve center, 1976. (Ref. no. bin254)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
The Choir. Antonie Hinx, Debbie Stone, Laura Berg, Linda Stackhouse, Bonnie Goldstein, Monica Palmes, Jeanie Herringshaw, Ellie Bullen, Donna Braden. Fort Lauderdale, FL, January, 1977. (Ref. no. bin255)
Green Castle flower stand at Renaissance Faire, 1975. (Ref. no. bin256)
Nursery outing; kids with Larry Raffel, November, 1976. (Ref. no. bin257)

Middleborough (Mass.) country store

Middleborough (Mass.) Country Store Daybook, 1825-1827.
1 vol. (0.25 linear feet).
Call no.: MS 221

Country store in the village of Titicut in Middleborough, Massachusetts, owned by members of either the Clark or Pratt families of the village. Includes goods for sale (groceries, cloth, hardware, and liquor), the method and form of payment (cash, rags, straw, wood, brick, and produce), customers’ names, and ways that families and women earned credit (producing braid or carting goods for the owners).

  • Barter--Massachusetts--Middleborough--19th century
  • Braid--Massachusetts
  • Freight and freightage--Massachusetts
  • General stores--Massachusetts--Middleborough
  • Middleborough (Mass.)--Commerce--19th century
  • Titicut (Middleborough Mass.)--Commerce--19th century
Types of material
  • Daybooks

North Center School District (Hatfield, Mass.)

North Center School District Records, 1818-1833.
1 box (0.25 linear feet).
Call no.: MS 442

The North Center School District in Hatfield, Massachusetts, was established in 1812, when the town divided into three school districts.

The collection consists of seventeen handwritten documents including financial records, a report and recipes relating to the North Center School District in Hatfield, Massachusetts, representing the period from 1818 to 1833. While not a comprehensive collection, the items nonetheless offer insight into education at the turn of the century, especially the sorts of expenses accrued in maintaining a small town schoolhouse.

  • Education--Massachusetts--Hatfield
  • Hatfield (Mass.)--History
  • Massachusetts--History--1775-1865
  • Recipes--Massachusetts
  • School records--Massachusetts
  • Schools--Records and Correspondence
  • Allis, Dexter
  • Bardwell, Elijah
  • Bardwell, Remembrance
  • Dickinson, Solomon
  • Morton, Chester
  • Morton, Jeremy
  • North Center School District (Hatfield, Mass.)
  • Porter, Theodore
  • Waite, Daniel
  • Waite, Justin

Oglesby, Carl, 1935-

Carl Oglesby Papers, ca.1965-2004.
60 boxes (25 linear feet).
Call no.: MS 514

Carl Oglesby, 2006<br />Photo by Jennifer Fels
Carl Oglesby, 2006
Photo by Jennifer Fels

Reflective, critical, and radical, Carl Oglesby was an eloquent voice of the New Left during the 1960s and 1970s. A native of Ohio, Oglesby was working in the defense industry in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1964 when he became radicalized by what he saw transpiring in Vietnam. Through his contacts with the Students for a Democratic Society, he was drawn into the nascent antiwar movement, and thanks to his formidable skills as a speaker and writer, rose rapidly to prominence. Elected president of the SDS in 1965, he spent several years traveling nationally and internationally advocating for a variety of political and social causes.

In 1972, Oglesby helped co-found the Assassination Information Bureau which ultimately helped prod the U.S. Congress to reopen the investigation of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. A prolific writer and editor, his major works include Containment and Change (1967), The New Left Reader (1969), The Yankee and Cowboy War (1976), and The JFK Assassination: The Facts and the Theories (1992). The Oglesby Papers include research files, correspondence, published and unpublished writing, with the weight of the collection falling largely on the period after 1975.

  • Assassination Information Bureau
  • Gehlen, Reinhard, 1902-1979
  • Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963--Assassination
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
  • Pacifists
  • Political activists
  • Student movements
  • Students for a Democratic Society (U.S.)
  • United States--Foreign relations
  • Vietnam War, 1961-1975
  • Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
  • Oglesby, Carl, 1935-

Perreault, Alida

Alida Perreault Papers, 1906-1957 (Bulk: 1928-1933).
2 boxes (1 linear feet).
Call no.: MS 808

Alida Capistrant was the eleventh of twelve children in a large French-Canadian family in South Hadley, Massachusetts born on July 24,1914. Her parents both immigrated from Quebec in 1885. On September 30, 1895 they were married in South Hadley. The Capistrant family rented their home until 1912 when they purchased their first house in South Hadley. Alida had an active social life as a teenager and considered attending college or university, but did not pursue any further education until about 1943, when she studied at the Providence Hospital School of Nursing in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Two years later she married James Perreault and the couple had two children, a daughter, Marcia (Perreault) Matthieu and a son, David James Perreault. They lived in South Hadley until 2003, when they moved to Chandler, Arizona to be near their daughter. Alida Perreault died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease on April 7, 2006, and James died in 2008. Both are buried in Saint Rose Cemetery in South Hadley next to Alida’s family.

Alida’s correspondence during her high school years (1928-1932) reveal a young woman with a substantial network of friends and family. The bulk of the collection consists of letters from several friends, including two potential romantic interests. Letters document daily activities, family happenings, and later Alida’s interest in a career as a nurse and her leadership role in the South Hadley Women’s Club.

  • Capistrant family--Correspondence
  • Family--Massachusetts--History
  • High school students--Massachusetts
  • South Hadley (Mass.)--History
  • Williston Northampton School (Easthampton, Mass.)
  • Fogg, Esther
  • McEwan, William
  • Mitkiewitcz, Freddie A.
Types of material
  • Correspondence
  • Greeting cards
  • Invitations


Early reunion of former and present Community Members at Alan and Jane Harris’s home. Shelburne Falls, Mass. 1992. (Ref. no. car130)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Community Reunion at lake near Ware, Mass., August 1997. (Ref. no. car131)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Three generations of Jaquays; Myriah, Justin, and Lorelei. August 1997. (Ref. no. car132)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Michael Metelica Rapunzel, diagnosed with terminal cancer, at final gathering for him at Beth Hapgood’ s home. Greenfield, June 2002. (Ref. no. car133)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Gathering for Michael. Greenfield, June 2002. (Ref. no. car134)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Brotherhood of the Spirit, 1970. (Ref. no. car135)
Veterans of the Brotherhood of the Spirit. 2002 (Ref. no. car136)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Free Spirit Press reunion. New Hampshire, September 1991. (Ref. no. bin338)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Grown-up children of Renaissance at Gill reunion. Franka Sullivan, Lamia Holland, Swan Keyes, unidentified, unidentified, Elka Holland. June 1992 (Ref. no. bin339)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Eva and Kathy Murphy-Moss at Gill reunion. June, 1992. (Ref. no. bin340)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Reunion at Ware, Mass. August 1997. (Ref. no. bin341)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Reunion at Ware, Mass. August 1997. (Ref. no. bin342)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Reunion at Ware, Mass. August 1997. (Ref. no. bin343)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Reunion at Ware, Mass. August 1997. (Ref. no. bin344)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Reunion at Ware, Mass. August 1997. (Ref. no. bin345)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Marissa Sellers and Michael Metelica. July, 1999 (Ref. no. bin346)
Photo by: Lois Sellers
Reunion at Ware, Mass. August 1997. (Ref. no. bin347)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Matthew and Donna Liebmann at Ware reunion. August, 1997 (Ref. no. bin348)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Dana Charest Jr. with wife and child, Ariel Brown, John Wolfson at Ware reunion. August, 1997. (Ref. no. bin349)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Reunion at Ware, Mass. August 1997. (Ref. no. bin350)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Wedding of Chris and Robin Garland. Debby Edson officiating. Northfield, May, 1998. (Ref. no. bin351)
Reunion at Barton Cove. Jesse and Jasmin Edson in center. Gill, July 1999. (Ref. no. bin352)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Gathering at Beth Hapgood’s house in Greenfield, July, 1999. (Ref. no. bin353)
“Men’s Gathering” at Brian McCue’s house. Montague, Mass. July, 2004. (Ref. no. bin354)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
“Men’s Gathering” at Brian McCue’s house. Montague, Mass. July, 2004. (Ref. no. bin355)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
“Men’s Gathering” at Brian McCue’s house. Montague, Mass. July, 2004. (Ref. no. bin356)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Gathering at Beth Hapgood’s in memory of Elwood Babbitt who passed into spirit previous April. Greenfield, August, 2001. (Ref. no. bin357)
Photo by: Daniel Brown

Rural American Women’s Conference

Rural American Women Conference Records, 1978-1981.
5 boxes (2.5 linear feet).
Call no.: MS 146

Feeling the frustrations of millions of women and girls in rural America who lacked the support or resources necessary to combat unemployment, inadequate medical care, and domestic violence, Jane Threatt along with several other women decided to form a non-profit organization that would unite these women and give them a national voice. Established in 1978, Rural American Women (RAW) was organized to promote the interests of rural women in the areas of equal rights, employment, education, family life, and freedom of all forms of discrimination.

In 1981 RAW held a series of five regional conferences throughout the country, and the bulk of this collection consists of records relating to the New England meeting. The records also include some materials documenting the group’s activities at their national headquarters in D.C., such as minutes, correspondence, newsletters, and pamphlets.

  • Rural women
  • Rural American Women
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