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Metelica Aquarian Concept (part 2)

[ Introduction ]

[ Brotherhood of the Spirit, part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ]

[ Metelica Aquarian Concept/Renaissance Community, part 2, 3, 4, 5 ]

[ 2001 Center/Renaissance Community, part 2, 3, 4, 5 ]

[ Reunions, part 2, 3 ]
Cucumber Grocery interior. The Block 1976. Jane Allen, Jack Boschan, Johnny Haber, Kathy Puckett. (Ref. no. car71)
Rocket’s Silver Train tour bus. 1976. (Ref. no. car72)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
The Noble Feast Restaurant. 3rd Street, Turners Falls, July 4, 1976 Bicentennial celebration. (Ref. no. car73)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Noble Feast interior with plaster stalactites and “Environmental Graphics” wallpaper. 1975. (Ref. no. car74)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Zapmia Pizza interior. 3rd Street, Turners Falls. 1975. (Ref. no. car75)
Working on the wards at Belchertown State School, 1975. Nearly 75 Community members worked here from 1973-76 including Melvin Weiner [F] and Alan Harris. (Ref. no. car76)
Construction crew outside Noble Feast. 1975. David Patton, Hugh Fitzpatrick, Chris Garland, David Stackhouse. (Ref. no. car77)
Sunday service in the Theater. 1975. (Ref. no. car78)
Free Christmas dinner open to the public, complete with live music, Santa Claus and presents for the kids. The Theater, 1975-77. (Ref. no. car79)
Free Concert at the Theater. The summer of 1975 saw a Community-sponsored free public event every weekend. (Ref. no. car80)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Free pizza party courtesy Zapmia Pizza’s Patty Smith. Summer of 1975. (Ref. no. car81)
Crowds of young people on the streets of Turners Falls, a rare occurrence before — and after — the Renaissance Community’s Summer of 1975. (Ref. no. car82)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
The Choir, early phase. 1974. (Ref. no. car83)
The Choir playing at the Franklin County House of Correction, Greenfield, 1975. (Ref. no. car84)
The Choir, middle phase, recording in the theater. 1976 (Ref. no. car85)
The Choir in final touring phase playing at Supersession Festival in New Hampshire, July 4th weekend, 1977. (Ref. no. car86)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Renaissance Faire street festival, Turners Falls, September 1975. (Ref. no. car87)
Renaissance Faire street festival, Turners Falls, September 1975. Craft show, (Ref. no. car88)
Renaissance Faire street festival, Turners Falls, September 1975. Living Poem Theater mime group. (Ref. no. car89)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Renaissance Nursery at Northfield House. Summer 1978. Women are Nancy Holland, Betsy Sullivan and Debby Sonn. (Ref. no. car90)
Michael Rapunzel watching Elwood Babbitt at trance lecture, 1975. (Ref. no. car91)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Rapunzel with motorcycle and Joanne Santos, 1976. (Ref. no. car92)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
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