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Metelica Aquarian Concept (part 4)

[ Introduction ]

[ Brotherhood of the Spirit, part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ]

[ Metelica Aquarian Concept/Renaissance Community, part 2, 3, 4, 5 ]

[ 2001 Center/Renaissance Community, part 2, 3, 4, 5 ]

[ Reunions, part 2, 3 ]
Noble Feast interior, 1975. (Ref. no. bin206)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Filming, a ubiquitous sight during this era. Rocco Zappia, David Charest, Gary Cohen, 1976. (Ref. no. bin207)
Video with kids at Blassberg Building, 1976. (Ref. no. bin208)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Michael Rapunzel in recording studio with John Charmella, Brad Lindroth, 1975. (Ref. no. bin209)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Rapunzel band gig with David Patton, Rocco Zappia, August, 1976. (Ref. no. bin210)
Mitch Sieser performing in Theater, November, 1976. (Ref. no. bin211)
Rapunzel promotion women. Betty Hottel, Carolyn Bailey, Annie Baker, Julie Howard, 1974. (Ref. no. bin212)
(Ref. no. bin213)
Bill and Monica Grabin, Marilyn Dowling, 1978. (Ref. no. bin214)
Meeting in Theater with “Father”, founder of California-based community, Foundation of Revelation, 1976. (Ref. no. bin215)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
The Choir at dawn photo session in Unity Park, 1975. (Ref. no. bin216)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Renaissance Radio Show production. Ronnie Sellers, Jimmy Skiathitis, 1976. (Ref. no. bin217)
Captain Coconut mobile disco show with Gary Hand. February, 1976. (Ref. no. bin218)
Michael Rapunzel (Ref. no. bin219)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Rapunzel (Ref. no. bin220)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Rapunzel (Ref. no. bin221)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Rapunzel (Ref. no. bin222)
Michael Rapunzel (Ref. no. bin223)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Rapunzel (Ref. no. bin224)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Community folks hanging out in front of Record Rap, 1976. Standing: Richard Safft, Sid Jensen, Daniel Brown, Gordon Adams: Seated: Unidentified, Laura Berg, Earle and Maxine Horton with daughter Kelly, Larry Raffel, Susan Spica with Gabe, David Schonbrunn, Brian McCue with Trevor, Merrill Faille. (Ref. no. bin225)
Michael Metelica (Ref. no. bin226)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Michael Metelica (Ref. no. bin227)
Photo by: Gary Cohen
Mobile Feast food concession crew at “Getting to the Same Place” gathering. Kathy Murphy, Debby Stone, Steve Wolfson, Nancy Holland, Judy Baylies. New Hampshire, 1979. (Ref. no. bin228)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Alden Podlenski with Michael Rapunzel. (Ref. no. bin229)
Apple Trees in bloom. 2001 Center, 1983. (Ref. no. bin230)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
Elwood Babbitt doing trance lecture with Renaissance children. Wendell, Mass., 1978. (Ref. no. bin231)
Photo by: Daniel Brown
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