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Transfer of archival records

Instructions for transferring departmental records to the University Archives

To transfer records to the archives and facilitate their retrieval as required, please keep the following in mind:

  • Verify that the records you wish to transfer are no longer needed for normal operations in your unit or department. Remove and destroy duplicate or redundant files and those that are not scheduled for retention.
    • Offices should retain the last three years of records in-house before transfer to archives.
  • Rehouse the records to be transferred, retaining their current filing order, into banker boxes which we provide.
  • Create an inventory of the records using the transfer form provided and label the boxes accordingly using the box labels template.
    • File names should be clear, concise, and memorable to assist in accurate retrieval.
  • Note any restrictions on access to the files being transferred and if any records are scheduled for future destruction, please note carefully which records are to be destroyed and when.
  • Schedule a time for pick up: email or call (413-545-2780) the Archives, allowing 2-3 business days.
    • Upon pick up, we will complete the gray box on the transmittal form acknowledging receipt of transfer.
    • Upon receipt of the materials at the Archives, we will provide you with an accession number for the transfer. Record this number carefully, which will be needed for retrieval.
    • Make three copies of form: two for us to take away and one for you: your copy serves as a record of transfer and a guide for requesting the return of files as needed.

Is this your first time transferring records to the archives?

Email or call (413-545-2780) us for a consultation. We will survey your collection, discuss best practices for caring for your files, and review the transfer process.

How can you retrieve items that have been sent to the archives?

Email or call (413-545-2780) us with the following information: accession number, RG number, Box number, folder title We will retrieve requested materials and deliver them in person or via campus mail. Requests typically take 2-3 business days to process.

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