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Building Bridges in the Library: Stairwell Mural Application

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The Library Art Committee is collaborating with Building Bridges, a public art and engagement initiative that aims to build bridges across difference. Building Bridges is for everyone on campus, with special opportunities for worker artists and immigrant workers. For this contest, we encourage applications from student groups, from staff departments, from anyone, regardless of artistic ability. Additionally, special consideration will be given to proposals that involve both students and workers. If you have an idea but are looking to collaborate with an artist, please reach out to the Building Bridges team.

If you are a worker on campus, Building Bridges can help you get release time to work on a mural during your work hours.

If you would like to be considered to paint a mural in a Du Bois Library stairwell, please fill out the form below. The applications will be reviewed by the Library Art Committee. These murals have been contributed by students since 1986. Click here for images of the murals already in place. Please take a look at these examples to get an idea of dimensions and scale (the mural areas are about 11.5 feet wide x 9.5 feet tall, on curved walls).

There are two opportunities in Spring 2018. Apply by March 1 for a mural to be completed by April 15; or apply by May 1 for a mural to be painted over summer break. If you are applying as a group, please choose one person as the main contact, and feel free to list others in the group as "Collaborators."

The Building Bridges public art and engagement initiative is a collaboration between Civic Engagement and Service Learning and Labor/Management Workplace Education, Division of Human Resources, and is funded by the Office of the Associate Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion.

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Would you like us to pair you with another artist who might share your ideas?
Describe your idea for a stairwell mural here. How does it connect to the theme of building bridges?


Mural Guidelines

  • Artist must be staff, faculty, or a currently enrolled student at UMass Amherst.
  • Since the stairwells provide egress for the building, painting of murals should occur on weekends, between semesters or during the summer months when there is less traffic in the stairwells. Murals may not be painted during busy times, e.g. exams.
  • A timeline will be set up a month in advance of the mural painting to allow for the wall to be painted (by Physical Plant staff) in advance of the mural painting. An ‘anti-graffiti’ coating will be applied after the mural is completed. Physical Plant requires two week notice for painting.
  • Once the timeline is set and the mural plan approved, a list of materials will be submitted to the committee for purchase. This should include brushes and acrylic paints. Supplies for the mural will be purchased by Business Office staff.
  • The mural will be installed within a 1 week period agreed upon by the Art Committee and the artist.
  • The artist will contain painting to the wall and not paint the floor or stairs nearby.
  • The artist will clean up the area after each session of work on the mural and will not paint any obscenities.
  • Design must be original art of the artist.
  • Mural areas average 11 1/2 feet wide x 9 1/2 feet tall on curved walls.
  • Examples of sample images, by past muralist Toby Armstrong

-Sample supply list.