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Streaming Media Copyright Policy

Streaming of Libraries-authorized media is made available for UMass Amherst classes requiring audio or video reserve materials.  All files and online delivery must be in compliance with the Libraries’ Reserves Copyright Policy and U.S. Copyright Law.

  1. All material must be owned or licensed by the Libraries, the University, or the requesting instructor.  The Libraries will make every reasonable effort to purchase the recording requested.

  2. Streaming media files are available on a time-limited basis, typically not more than 2 weeks throughout the duration of the class for which they are intended.  Other restrictions may be applied, including reducing the number of simultaneous viewers allowed to access content. Access to streaming media is provided through the University’s Course Management Systems. 

  3. Streaming media should not be regarded as a replacement for accessing an original copy of the work, due to reductions in audio quality, visual quality, frames-per-second, and viewable size.  The original, full-quality works may be placed on reserve for student check-out, or may be performed during class time.  

  4. Access is password-protected to ensure that only faculty, staff and students teaching or enrolled in the UMass Amherst class have access to these files, both on and off campus. 

  5. Audiovisual works must be an integral part of the course curriculum as required by the instructor for course assignments.  Pedagogical concerns should determine what content and what portion of any given work must be required viewing, listening or reading by students. Instructors should engage in a fair use assessment before requesting materials be made available as streaming media. The Libraries offer copyright consultation services to assist with this assessment.

  6. The instructor must install the Course Materials block on their Course Management page and use the block to make requests for individual items, specifying the pedagogical reasons for including the material in the course.  The forms are processed in the order in which they are received.  Forms with complete information are processed first.  Please allow up to fourteen (14) days for the files to be made available for course viewing or listening for items the Libraries already own or are provided by the instructor, and one month (30 days) for items the Libraries must purchase.

  7. The Libraries comply with all ADA and University guidelines for accessibility. Films will be presented with options for subtitles and captions, and, if available, descriptive audio tracks.

  8. Requests must be made for each semester that the material is needed. 

  9. Faculty, staff, and students may not copy, redistribute, modify, and/or archive any of the files streamed for course use.

  10. The Libraries reserve the right to reject or remove any requests not in compliance with the Libraries’ Reserves Copyright Policy.

Approved by Senior Management Group June 14th, 2017