The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Request Item from the Five Colleges Libraries Catalog

The Request Item feature allows you to request retrieval of an item from any of the Five College Libraries. 

Note: If the item is available for retrieval, it will typically be available for pickup at your designated pickup location (Du Bois Learning Commons or the Science and Engineering Library service desk) two to three business days after the request was submitted. If the item is checked out to another user, a recall has to be initiated. It will take a minimum of ten days.

How to use this service:

  1. Search the Library Catalog and display the record for the item
  2. Click the Request Item button above the book information
  3. Current Five College students, faculty, and staff will log in using either: 1. Your campus net ID or 2. Your Library Barcode
  4. Select Your Library
  5. Press Go
  6. If the item is not available for request, the system will indicate that it cannot process your request. Please contact the circulation staff for assistance (413) 545-2623.
  7. If the item is available for request, the system will indicate "Items are currently available at the following locations." If you wish, modify the Period of Interest, which is the time period in which you will still be interested in receiving the item. The default is two months. If you need the item sooner, change the date in the second box.
  8. Press Go. If your request was successful, the system will indicate that you will be notified once the item is ready for pickup.

Contact us:     (413) 545-2623