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Digital Media Lab Operations Change Due to COVID-19

The Digital Media Lab has modified its offerings due to COVID-19.  You can find information about these specific changes on the services pages.  Please contact DML staff with any questions, 

3D Print Service Availability Spring Semester 2021

Provising virtual consultations and 3D printing production for our campus population for personal, academic, or professional production.
Due to campus restrictions, we are unable to book appointments for pick ups until after February 21.

Requests from Public

We are not able to produce prints for public patrons at this time.  We are available for virtual consultations related to learning about 3D printing technology,  related software (3D modeling, model evaluation, etc), and more.   

 The Digital Media Lab's 3D Innovation Center has 50 3D printers and three 3D scanners. Our printers use the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) process of laying down successive layers of plastic filament which stick together to create an object.  

3D printing is a form of manufacturing that adds material together to create objects.  3D printing can facilitate cross-discipline collaboration, rapid prototyping, educational models, final products, and more.  3D printed models are made by a person using 3D modeling software, captured (scanned or photogrammetry), found, or all of these methods.  There are many factors that effect print quality and print durations for objects, so results may vary and caution is advised. 


Our service is open regularly Monday through Friday, 12-5pm.  For available consultation hours, please view our appointment calendar.  The library will have restricted access, so communication and consultations will be held virtually, either email or video call.     

Make a Request 

Patrons may submit a request for 3D printing, 3D scanning, or just talk about the production of 3D prints.

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3D Printing Process

Video by Richard Cuoco, 2015

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