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Archive: 15/05/2015

Fixes for May 15, 2015

Further fixes based on your feedback:

  • The database search box button was not responding when clicked
  • The site search magnifying glass icon in the UMass banner was hiding the UMass Amherst wordmark and the search input briefly before returning results
  • iCal feeds for Locations weren't validating
  • Number of subjects for Web of Science reduced to save conserve space; now only showing the broadest subject areas covered.
  • Broken links to, ILL FAQs and feedback form fixed on ILL login page
  • Streaming videos scripts for reserves migrated
  • Event & Publicity request form URL fixed

There are many additional improvements in the works for next week.  A few of the highlights:

  • Proxied Google Scholar search from the library homepage again
  • Dropdown options for 5 College Catalog search (title, author, etc)
  • Improved relevancy ranking for database search results
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