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Archive: 28/07/2015

Library Hours calendar display

Hours for the various library locations and services are now displayed in calendar format, allowing for quick and easy viewing by day, week or month.  Other fixes bundled with this include:

  • Learning Commons, Teaching Commons, Digital Media Lab, and SCUA are now available directly under Locations in the topbar menu, instead of under Du Bois Library.
  • Dropdown menus now display on the right instead of the left, matching the direction of the arrows, and red highlighting is enabled on mouseover.
  • Required form fields are indicated with a *
  • YouTube player icon is used instead of the stacked wordmark icon (per University branding policy)
  • Citation Linker added as the Advanced Search option for E-journals search on the home page
  • RSS feed link on News pages
  • Numerous broken links fixed site-wide
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