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Archive: 26/05/2017

Copyright & Information Policy Librarian Laura Quilter

Participates in a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant

NEH grant LauraQuilter

The University Libraries of UMass Lowell and the Center for Asian American Studies announce the recent award of a $239,000 National Endowment for the Humanities grant which will help create the Southeast Asian Digital Archive.

The Archive will document the history of Southeast Asian refugees in Lowell and will include about 63,000 images of newspapers, books, posters, and nearly 620 hours of audio and audiovisual recordings. Most of the grant will go toward hiring a full-time archivist for two years who will set up the digital infrastructure for the collection.

Thanks to an additional $28,000 Creative Economy Fund grant from the UMass president's office, all items will be made publicly accessible to students through lessons, teacher training, community workshops, and an updated exhibit at the Lowell National Historical Park.

UMass Amherst Copyright and Information Policy Librarian Laura Quilter will train project staff on copyright issues (since the Archive will digitize works that are presumptively in copyright) and consult with staff on individual copyright concerns. 

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