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The 2017 Du Bois Falcons' Season Has Begun

The Falcon Cam is Live

4 11 17 On Nest

Welcome to the 2017 Falcon Season!

Thank you for joining the Du Bois Falcons for another educational and enjoyable season. Watch live at: 

There are four eggs in the nest box this season. We are trying to ascertain if this is the same pair from 2016 or some other combination of adults. April 2016 marked the second nesting season for the mated pair of Peregrine falcons that successfully raised two chicks, a male and a female, in 2015. 

Of the four eggs that were laid in 2016, two were not viable. The first chick hatched on May 18 and perished a day later, having accidentally choked on a piece of food. The second chick, a male, hatched on May 21, thrived, and was banded by Tom French of MassWildlife, on June 13. His band number is 90 Black over BS Green. He fledged on the morning of June 30, 2016. 

Peregrine falcons have successfully nested on the roof of the Du Bois Library at UMass Amherst since 2003. The previous pair, which nested on the Library roof from 2003-2014, hatched a total of 37 chicks. The live webcam was installed in 2012 thanks to the UMass Amherst Facilities Planning Division, UMass Amherst Information Technology, the Libraries' Systems and Web Management Department, the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife), and the Friends of the Libraries.

We hope you enjoy the Falcon Cam. It is intended to intervene with nature as little as possible; intervention with wildlife is never taken lightly. For chicks to fledge successfully under observation, we let nature take its course as much as possible. If the need to intervene should arise, the Library works with university, state, and federal agencies to determine when and if this will occur. The birds are wild and have chosen to nest in the box; there has been a pair of Peregrine Falcons at this same site for many years. We hope you understand that we care deeply for the falcons and do whatever we can to help them thrive while respecting the natural balance.

Questions about the Falcon Cam? Contact Alison Király at or 413-545-6156.