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Electronic Resources

Shoah Visual History Archive on Trial

The Shoah Visual History Archive contains over 50,000 testimonies of survivors and witnesses of genocides and crimes against humanity, from the Holocaust to the Armenian, Rwandan, Cambodian and Guatemalan genocides. You can search for people or places, or browse through specific collections. The collections of audio-visual archives are curated and maintained by the USC Shoah Foundation.

The trial goes through December 5th, 2017. You must register for a username and password to access the collections. Please share your feedback with us (UMass NetID required for login.)

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3 Handbooks from World Scientific on Trial

Gels, Nanobiomedical Research and Green Materials

The Libraries have these three handbooks from World Scientific Publishing on trial through October 20th, 2017:

  • Gels HandbookThree volumes explore significant development of hydrogels from characterization and applications. Please share your feedback (NetID required for login).
  • Handbook of Green Materials4 volumes covering materials science and engineering, composite materials, chemical engineering, bioengineering, materials physics, biobased nanomaterials, bionanocomposites, self- and direct-assembled nanostructures and green composite materials. Please share your feedback (UMass NetID required).
  • Handbook of Nanobiomedical Research4 volumes containing covering the major aspects of nanomedicine: materials for nanomedicine, application of nanomedicine in therapy of various diseases, use of nanomedicines for diagnostic purposes, technology of nanomedicines, and new trends in nanobiomedical research. Please share your feedback (UMass NetID required).
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Trial for ARTECA

Linking arts, sciences and technology

The Libraries have a trial for ARTECA, a database offered by MIT Press covering the interdisciplinary space between the arts, sciences and technology. Contents include over 175 books, 3 journals, podcasts and videos. The trial goes through November 19th, 2017. Please give us your feedback (UMass NetID required for login) on this resource.

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Gallup Analytics

On Trial

Gallup Analytics provides tools and analytics for U.S. and global data on business and economics, education and families, food and shelter, health and well-being, government and politics, and much more. U.S. data goes back to 1930's and data from 160+ countries goes back to 2005. The Libraries have a trial for this resource through September 30th, 2017. Please share with us your feedback (UMass NetID required for login). 

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60 Minutes: 1997-2015

Recent Acquisition

60 Minutes

The Libraries has purchased an archive of news segments from the CBS program, 60 Minutes, including news pieces, cultural features and newsmaker profiles from Sunday Morning. Offered on the Alexander Street Press platform, you can browse the collection by people, subjects, titles, reporters, historical events, etc., or search by these and many other attributes. 

If you'd like assistance with this new resource, contact us!

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Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law

Recent Acquistion

The Selden Society of Publications and the History of Early English Law is now available through the Libraries. Presented on the HeinOnline platform, this resource covers Selden Society Annual Series, Selden Society Supplementary Series and the Centenary Guide to the Publications of the Selden Society published in 1987. It also includes more than 220 English Legal History Classics including abridgments, digests and dictionaries. 

If you'd like assistance using it, contact Lisa di Valentino, Law and Public Policy Librarian, at 545-3009.


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Music Magazine Archive

Recent Acquisitions

Music magazine

The Libraries has purchased the Folk and Hip Hop & Rap collections of the Music Magazine Archive. The Music Magazine Archive is a collaboration between the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Bowling Green State University and NA Publishing to digitize magazines about particular musical genres. Titles range from Broadside, Dirty Linen, the Old Time Herald to The Little Sandy Review, with more titles to come. Our purchase of these collections will contribute to the Reveal Digital Zines project, an open access resource.

If you have questions about the Music Magazine Archive, contact Jeremy Smith, librarian for Communication, at 545-6729. 

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Women and Social Movements in the Modern Empires since 1820

Recent Acquisition

Women and Social Movements

Women and Social Movements in the Modern Empires since 1820 was recently added to the Libraries' digital collections. The archive includes audio and video, letters, diaries, newspaper articles and other documents covering themes of colonization, settlement and resistance in Asia, European, North America and other empires. Users can browse by topical collections, or search by keyword, title, author/creator, format, date and more. This collection is provided by Alexander Street Press.

If you'd like assistance using this resource, contact Isabel Espinal, Humanities Reference librarian, at 545-6817.

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New Streaming Film Collection: Docuseek2

Recent Acquisition


The Libraries are now providing access to the Docuseek2 collection of over 1,100 independent and educational documentary films distributed by Bullfrog Films, Icarus Films, Kartemquin Films, KimStim, the National Film Board of Canada and Terra Nova Films. The collection is on the Alexander Street Press platform, and patrons can browse by title, subject, publisher or genre, or search transcript contents, subject terms, format, date, publication place and more.

If you'd like assistance using these films, contact us!

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Historical Philadelphia Tribune (1912-2001)

Recent Acquisition

The Libraries have purchased the Historical Philadelphia Tribune (1912-2001), the oldest continuously published black newspaper dedicated to the needs and concerns of the fourth largest black community in the U.S.. This newspaper archive is provided by ProQuest. Researchers can search for content by date, document type (article, birth notice, classified ad, letter to the editor, marriage, obituary, etc.), document title or author, text, etc.

If you'd like assistance using this resource, contact Jim Kelly, Humanities Research Services Librarian, at 545-3981.

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