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Archive: 22/01/2018

Connect with Hundreds of Libraries Across Massachusetts

ComCat CMS

What is the Commonwealth Catalog?

The Commonwealth Catalog, or ComCat, is a service that connects hundreds of libraries across the State of Massachusetts, providing patrons with access to resources outside of their home library or network.

What kinds of materials can I borrow from the Commonwealth Catalog?

A wide range of materials including books, audiobooks, and DVDs can be borrowed through the Commonwealth Catalog. This is especially useful here at UMass Amherst because it provides access to materials not typically found in academic libraries, such as popular fiction and film titles.

Who can use the Commonwealth Catalog?

The service is available to all Massachusetts patrons whose home library is a member of the Commonwealth Catalog.

The UMass Amherst Libraries have been part of ComCat since 2015, and the service is available to all UMass Amherst Libraries account holders. Additionally, any UMass Amherst alumni residing in Massachusetts with a public library account can use ComCat to access the university’s collections through their own local libraries.

How do I access the Commonwealth Catalog?

You can access the Commonwealth Catalog from the UMass Amherst Libraries homepage, using the “Search the Library” dropdown menu to select Commonwealth Catalog

You can also visit ComCat directly.

In both cases, your UMass Libraries barcode serves as your ComCat login.

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