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Archive: 02/04/2018

My Library Account

My Library Account

In response to user feedback, the UMass Amherst Libraries are pleased to announce the deployment of My Library Account, a new website feature designed for the campus community to streamline and integrate borrowing, access to course materials, and interactive online content. The feature is currently available in beta throughout the remainder of the Spring 2018 semester and the summer, deploying in full for Fall 2018.

Designed by Ian Walls, UMass Amherst’s Web Services and Emerging Technologies Librarian, My Library Account offers an improved, “one-stop shop” interface where users can access a unified list of their borrowed items, including all requests and interlibrary loans. The lists are sorted by date; overdue items appear at the top and can be renewed directly from the page, if eligible. Additionally, My Library Account will connect with UMass Amherst courses, giving students and instructors easy access to the complete list of their library-provided course materials.

As part of the release of this feature, the Libraries debut the first generation of a series of “Easter Eggs”: hidden content throughout the Libraries website that reveal virtual badges trackable through each user’s My Library Account page. An Early Adopter Badge is exclusively available to users who create an account during the program’s beta phase, which provides clues to the locations of the other first-generation Eggs.

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