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Archive: 05/04/2018

World Politics Review on Trial

World Politics Review provides news and analysis about events and issues around the world. You can search or browse by author, region or issue. Read about India as a green energy leader, governance of the polar regions, and much more.

The Libraries have a trial for this resource through June 30th, 2018. Please share your feedback about it (UMass NetID required for login). Lisa di Valentino, Law and Public Policy Librarian, is your contact for questions or more information.


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Law360 on Trial

Law360, a collection of information about legal cases and firms with expert analysis of current legal issues, is on trial through April 17th, 2018. Please let us know your thoughts about this resource:! (UMass NetID required for login.) If you have questions, contact Lisa di Valentino, Law and Public Policy Librarian.

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