The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Steve Acquah

Coordinator, Digital Media Lab

Personal Statement

DPhil MChem (Hons.) CChem CSci FRSC FRMS FCMI
Director of GEOSET, 2018 Innovation Fellow, 2019 Sustainability Curriculum Fellow

As the Digital Media Lab Unit Coordinator and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Chemistry, I can provide help to those who want to create content to help with everything from personal projects to faculty support for funding proposal, especially the Broader Impacts section of proposals from external funding agencies.

Invention Disclosures:

Method of Assembling and Using Carbon Nanotube Paper (Buckypaper) Batteries: 15-147 Acquah

SCISIMO: A Virtual/ Augmented Reality Science Laboratory Software Package: 15-255 Acquah



2017 - Curator of the Sir Harold Kroto Exhibition

2016 – The Faculty/Staff Seminole Award Nominee

2015 – GAP Award Finalist – FSU Commercialisation

2015 – Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

2015 – Winner - Enterprise Video Award – Video Maverick

2015 - Center for Undergraduate Research & Academic Engagement's Undergraduate Research Mentor Award Nominee

2015 – Explore Film-making: National Film and Television School (Course)

2014 – One of the ‘175 Faces of Chemistry’ – Past and Present

Royal Society of Chemistry ( Others in the list include Rosalind Franklin, Adrian V. Stokes, Alfred Nobel, Michael Faraday, Alexander Borodin and Marie Curie.

2014 – Official Opening of GEOSET Studios with Sir Harold Kroto and Bill Nye

Moderator/Panel - Discussion between Bill Nye and Sir Harold Kroto

2014 – Winner - Enterprise Video Award – Video in Education Scholarship

2014 – Fellow of the Institute of Nanotechnology

2014 – Business Research Certification

2014 – Chartered Scientist

2014 – Full Chartered Chemist Status

The Chartered status is only awarded by Institutions that operate under the Royal Charter by the British Monarch.

2013 – Financial Certification - FSU

2013 – Working with Google on the development of ‘Google Glass’ for the hearing impaired.

2013 - Intech (Book Chapter Recognition of 200 downloads [in 10 days])

2013 - Honors – Advancement of NSF ADVANCE-PAID initiative

2011 - Founder of the GEOSET Awards

2010 - Sonic Foundry Rich Media Impact Award (Scholastic Achievement)

2009 - Nobel Laureates Meeting (Invited Participant – Lindau (Germany)

2009 - Winner – Sonic Foundry Rich Media Impact Award (Global Outreach)

2008 - Finalist – Sonic Foundry Rich Media Impact Award (Global Outreach)

2005 - 2nd Prize in the Royal Microscopical Society Talk – Sussex University.

2002 -Royal Society of Chemistry Downland Prize for the best undergraduate final year project.

British Red Cross First Aid – Save a Life

Newham Academy of Music Training Orchestra Cup

Steve Acquah

Coordinator, Digital Media Lab