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Physical Reserves Personal Copies Policy

The UMass Amherst Libraries will take reasonable precautions to protect and secure personal copies of books placed on physical reserve.  Please be aware that these books may become damaged when they are used and that Reserves staff will place stickers on material to facilitate checkout. The Libraries shall not be held liable for such damage or normal wear and tear, but may opt to make minor or minimal repairs as needed to allow the book to continue to circulate for duration of the time it is on reserve for class use.  Books that are not in serviceable condition for circulation may be rejected or withdrawn from availability. By placing a personal copy on Reserve, you authorize the Libraries to make minor repairs with the understanding that that books that are found to be in need of more intensive repair (such as rebinding) will be returned to the owner.

If the materials are not requested for the subsequent semester, the copies will be mailed back to the address provided in the UMass People Finder.