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Any of the public workstations on the Entrance and Lower Levels of Du Bois Library are linked to Library pay-for-print stations. The 6th floor no longer has a printer.

Exception: The one public color printer in the W.E.B. Du Bois Library is located on the Lower Level. Only the public PCs on the Lower Level are linked to the color printer. To send your job to the color printer, click on the icon labeled "Library Color" from the menu in the File-Print box.

What is the cost?

Black & White $0.05 --
Color $0.35 $0.70

How do I pay?

The pay-for-print stations accept UCard (UMass ID cards) with money on account or a Guest Card. Add money to your UCard or purchase a Guest Card at the black machine mounted on a brick column near the print stations and copiers on the Lower Level of the Learning Commons, and near the entrance to the Science and Engineering Library. These machines accept $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. 

How do I print?

  1. Use the print function from any application from any of the PCs on Lower Level, or 6th floor of Du Bois, and on any floor in SEL. Note the entire number that appears on top of the PC's CPU or monitor.
    For example: Libr103 or LibrSci102
  2. Go to a pay-for-print station (printers are labeled above each station) Print jobs ordered from a public PC's on the Lower Level Of Du Bois may be retrieved from any of the Printing Stations located near the photocopiers. Print jobs from Learning Commons IT computers may be retrieved from IT printers near the stairs or Calipari room. 6th floor print jobs go to the print station on the 6th Floor. The Printing Station in SEL is on the Main Floor.
  3. Move the mouse slightly to display the menu.
  4. Type in the number for the PC you ordered the print job from in the top box (for example, LibrRef103).
  5. Leave the lower box blank. Click "Log on."
  6. Slide the UCard through slot on the top of the monitor, in either direction, with the barcode at the bottom and facing the front.
  7. Click on the desired print job to highlight it.
  8. Click print.
  9. Click "Log off" or walk away. Jobs disappear from the queue in 2 hours.

Additional instructions are posted at the PC Printing Stations.
If you still have questions, please visit the Learning Commons and Technical Support Desk or the Service Desk in the Science and Engineering Library.

Quick Print Stations

Avoid long lines for workstations! If you have a ready-to-print document on your UDrive, a flash drive, or other portable storage device, you can use the Quick Print station (located adjacent to the Learning Commons and Technical Support Desk in the Learning Commons, and on the Main Floor at the Sciences and Engineering Library). This station allows printing only--no editing, no Internet access. 

How do I print from student, faculty, and staff computers that require login with an UMass Amherst IT account?

IT Pay-for-Print Information