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About Citation Managers

Citation managers are software packages used to create personalized databases of citation information and notes.  At their most basic, they let you:

  • Collect articles, books, webpages (and lots more) for use in research
  • Save pdfs and other documents
  • Format citations and create bibliographies using a particular citation style, to export into a research document
  • Add your own annotations, subjects, and descriptions to citations

More advanced features in citation management tools allow you to:

  • Link to source materials.
  • Store source materials.
  • Insert in-text citations and bibliography entries while writing in a word processor.
  • Collaborate with others.
  • Annotate within PDFs.

Citation Managers We Support

We support Mendeley and Zotero and maintain a guide that compares them. We provide support for these managers and have staff who can help you.  We will take questions on other managers yet do not claim to have expertise using them.