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How the Data Working Group can help


Data Management Plans


Need some guidance? Ask us! We can get you started.

Want another pair of eyes? We can review your plan and suggest improvements.

We also manage our instance of the DMPTool -- use this if you want more a more self-directed process.




Looking to update your skillset, or provide training to incoming researchers? The Data Working Group can help you and your lab with your data management practices, and can help you think through issues like documentation, transparency, and reproducibility. We can help you map your research process, find points of friction, or suggest tools to help improve your workflow.




The Data Working Group also provides training. We work with labs, hold workshops, and will often partner with other groups on campus, like the Office of Professional Development.

We love meeting new folks, improving communication, and forging new relationships across campus. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!




Not sure where to go next? Ask us! We'll help connect you.