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Digital Reserves without Moodle or Blackboard

Reserves staff can provide access to many digital reserve materials through our website if you are not using a course management page.

However, students and instructors will have to create unique user accounts and passwords to log into the course page

Please email Reserves staff and we will create an account for you, and set up your course in our system. Please provide the Spire number, the semester you are teaching the class, and a course password (at least 3 letters, all lower case).

Once we have set up your account and the course, you will be able to add requests for materials at our EReserves page.  Instructions for adding digital reserve material through Ares can be found on our F.A.Q. page

In order to access digital reserves through Ares, your students will have to create an account and then add your class to that account, using a password you have chosen in advance.  Instructions for students can be found here.

 Please contact Reserves staff with any questions. 



If you are experiencing any accessibility issues in viewing this page, please email