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 +====== Attendance Policy, effective September 2021======
 +===== Whiteboard =====
 +  * Write your remote days in your line.
 +  * On days that you are in the office, continue to use the magnet to indicate that you are “in”. ​
 +  * When you leave for the day or go to another building for a meeting, move it to “out”.
 +===== Outlook Calendars =====
 +== Everyone must use the outlook calendars to indicate when they are remote, out on vacation, or otherwise out of building. ==
 +  * In the title of the event you must say “remote” or “vacation” or “at SEL” or other such descriptive title that helps your peers know quickly that you are out.
 +  * You have the choice of using an all day event if you will be out/off site all day or you can choose to set events that are specific lengths of time (ie 7.5 hours).
 +  * These events must be set to “public” so that all staff can know if you are out of the office in the event of an emergency.
 +  * If you need help setting up your calendar, adjusting the viewing permissions on specific events, ask Kat or your coordinator.
 +===== Calling out? =====
 +  * Email your supervisor (staff & students)
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