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-====== Batch Record Loading Updating ​and Editing Instructions ​=====+=====This Page is Used for REFERENCE Only and Past Procedures ​=====
- +
- +
-Lucy's Services Documentation is available at:  R:​\Information_Resources_Management\Servicesdocumentation.+
 +===Batch Record Loading Updating and Editing Instructions===
 +Documentation can be found on the shared network drive called Record Loading. There are instructions on how to delete, general instructions on batch loading, and specific instructions for each collection.
 +[[marc_record_loading|Aleph Instructions on Batch Loading]] ​
 +[[batch_loading_team|Information on the Batch Loading Team with links to working documents]]
-This should include most/all of the relevant jobs having to do with do with batch loading and updating. 
-Documentation can be found on the [[marc_record_loading|MARC Record Loading]] page. 
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