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-====== Batch Uploading OAIs from Scholarworks into OCLC and Aleph ====== 
-Once our dissertations and theses are OAI harvested from Digital Commons (BePress) via MarcEdit then run through MarcEdit'​s Task list before being uploaded to Connexion, the bib records are ready to be batch uploaded to OCLC then batch exported to Aleph. ​ 
-**To upload from Connexion to OCLC:** 
-After importing the bib records file from MarcEdit (see [[http://​www.library.umass.edu/​wikis/​acp/​doku.php?​id=oai_harvesting_via_marcedit|OAI Harvesting Via MarcEdit]] ): 
-(For example purposes, we will use the Connexion file for February 2016 Dissertations which can be opened via CatalogingSearchLocalSaveFile -> <​nowiki>​T:​\\oclcapps\Connexion\Theses\2016_Feb_Dissertations.bib.db)</​nowiki>​) 
-  * Highlight all records in the file and Validate (Edit -> Validate or Shift+F5). This will generate a report of results. Note which records did not validate and make the necessary corrections. Re-validate as needed. ​ 
-  * Highlight all records in the file and Update Holdings (Action -> Holdings -> Update Holdings or F8). OCLC record numbers will begin appearing in the file as each record is uploaded. ​ 
-**To export from Connexion to Aleph:** 
-  * Go to Tools -> Options and click on the Export tab. Highlight the __Prompt for filename__ option then click on Apply then Close. 
-  * Open the Local Save file you want to export (2016_Feb_Dissertations - See path above) 
-  * Highlight records 
-  * Export (Action - Export or F5) 
-    This will ask where to put the output file in your C: drive and what name to use. Make sure the filename is in all lower case - for example, feb2016diss. The file will be downloaded into your C: drive as a .dat file. (You will NOT be notified when the export is finished. Be careful not to Export more than once.) 
-  * Open MARCTools 
-  * Input the .dat file from your C: drive (feb2016diss.dat)and name the Output file with a .mb extension (feb2016diss.mb. Execute the MarcBreaker. 
-  * Click on Edit Records. Use Replace to change AUMM to AUMEDT. 
-  * Under MARCEditor --> File, click on Compile File into Marc. This will save as a .mrc (MARC) file.  
-    ​ 
-  * Open Aleph, Cataloging function 
-  * Click on Task Manager then [F] Upload/​Download files 
-  * Find where your saved .mrc file is on your C: drive (feb2016diss.mrc) and copy to the FCL01/​Scratch file (from drop-down menu over left Remote Files column)by clicking on the left arrow button between columns 
-  * In the Aleph menu bar above, click on *_Services -> Load Catalog Records 
-  * Click on Advanced Generic Vendor Records Loader (file_90) 
-    Make sure the following rules are set: 
-     * Input File name (for this example, feb2016diss.mrc) 
-     * Default Holding - AUMEDT 
-     * Character Conversion - OCLC_UTF_TO_UTF 
-     * Fix Routine - UMFIX 
-     * Match Routine - OCLC 
-     * Merge Routine - OCLC 
-     * Update Database - Yes 
-     * Produce Loading Report - Yes 
-     * Report file name(for this example, feb2016_report) 
-     * Click on the Submit button at top right 
-Once the exporting is done, click on Task Manager -> [A] Batch Log to view the report. 
-     * Highlight your file (p_file_90) and click on View Printouts. ​ 
-     * Under Remote Name, highlight <​filename>​_report.new (i.e. feb2016diss_report_new) 
-     * Click on Print to obtain reports. ​ You want the loader-log-report which will show the FCL01 Bib Sys numbers for each record. ​ Copy one and check the bib record which displays for any potential corrections needed. ​ 
-**To Globally Remove the 856 Field from Bib Records:** 
-  * Click on *_Services -> Catalog Maintenance Procedures -> Global Changes (manage-21) 
-   Set the rules: 
-  * Input file name <​filename>​.mrc.bib (i.e., feb2016diss.mrc.bib) 
-  * Output file name <​filename>​.mrc856 (i.e., feb2016.diss.mrc856) 
-  * Update Database - Yes 
-  * Line in Record -> Tag -> 856; first indicator - #  second indicator - # 
-  * Delete field - Yes 
-  * Click on Submit button 
-The process should now be complete. ​ 
--- //Contact persons: [[kdion@library.umass.edu| Kay Dion]] or [[lucyd@library.umass.edu| Lucy deGozzaldi]]// ​     ​ 
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