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 ====== Better World Books ====== ====== Better World Books ======
-[[https://​about.betterworldbooks.com/​|Better World Books]] is a company that accepts library ​materials (primarily ​booksin support of literacy programs throughout the world. ​+[[https://​about.betterworldbooks.com/​|Better World Books]] ​(BWB) is a company that accepts ​discarded ​library books in support of literacy programs throughout the world. BWB only wants books in good or better condition (see [[https://​clientportal.betterworldbooks.com/​CustomContent/​Agreementform/​files/​AcceptanceGuidelines.pdf|Acceptance Guidelines]] for more information)
 +Ordering supplies such as shipping supplies and pre-paid shipping labels via the [[https://​clientportal.betterworldbooks.com/​Account/​Login|Client Portal]] is easy (Scott has the user/​password). BWB mandates a shipping minimum of 14 boxes.
 +Materials for BWB are shelved on labeled shelves in the IRM back room. These accumulate until there are sufficient numbers of items to be packed for shipment. Generally student employees do this work.
 +Once boxes are packed and ready to ship to Better World Books, inform the Libraries'​ mail room so they can cart the boxes to their staging area for UPS pickup.
  --- //​[[stangroom@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Scott Stangroom]]//​  --- //​[[stangroom@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Scott Stangroom]]//​
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