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-**Bindery Policy** 
-//draft summer 2017// 
-Bind select journals 
-  * If a title is being received on microfilm, do not bind 
-  * If a title is reliably online, do not bind 
-  * Bind only journals that have been designated for binding 
-  * For non-bound journals, use PAM boxes to house serials in the general collection 
-  * Bind journals that are being sent to the Five Colleges Depository or Annex 
-Bind music scores 
-Do not bind monographs. For monographs that are deteriorating,​ the Acquisitions Coordinator will determine if they can be replaced. Depending on the age of the material, it may be highly unlikely that a replacement will be of better quality than what we have. Monographs that cannot be replaced should be boxed and placed back on the shelf or discarded. Exceptions can be made in very specific cases. 
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