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-**Bindery Policy** 
-Bind select journals 
-  * Do not bind Open Access titles 
-  * Do not bind a subscription title that is reliably available online 
-  * Bind only journals that have been designated for binding; a list of currently bound journals is available at [[https://​drive.google.com/​open?​id=1n-eVVZo9YcKQCL6n0KUqWd_Et5_bBevW7iXbI_jAZHo|Bindery Journal Titles]] 
-  * For non-bound journals, use PAM boxes to house serials in the general collection 
-  * Bind journals that are being de-accessioned to be sent to the Five Colleges Depository or Annex 
-  * For exceptions to this policy, please submit a [[http://​intranet.library.umass.edu/​intranet/​SupportDesk/​view.cfm?​MenuID=27&​action=Create&​FormID=7|Discovery Systems Help Form]] ​ 
-Bind new music scores 
-Monographs: For monographs that are deteriorating,​ the Acquisitions Coordinator will determine if they can be replaced. //policy is being developed summer 2017// 
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