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-**Changing one year campus access titles to open access in ScholarWorks** 
-[[http://​scholarworks.umass.edu/​cgi/​login.cgi?​return_to=http%3A%2F%2Fscholarworks.umass.edu%2Fcgi%2Fmyaccount.cgi%3Fcontext%3D&​context=http://​scholarworks.umass.edu|Login ​to ScholarWorks]]+==== Changing one year campus access titles ​to open access in ScholarWorks ​====
-[[http://​scholarworks.umass.edu/​|Go to SW home page]]+=== APreliminary ===
-[[http://​scholarworks.umass.edu/​etds/​|Click on Dissertations ​and Theses]]+This procedure applies to recent dissertations and theses entered into ScholarWorks by the authorsAs of 2014, each author can opt to make his or her dissertation **Campus Access only** for a period of one or five years(Note that some works have both restricted access ​and an embargo period. Some will become open access before their embargo period is up, and some will remain campus access after the embargo period is lifted.)
-[[http://​scholarworks.umass.edu/​dissertations_2/​|Click on Doctoral Dissertations May 2014 - current]] or [[http://​scholarworks.umass.edu/​masters_theses_2/​|Masters Theses May 2014 - current]]+Click on the following URL:
-Click on Manage ​Dissertations ​or Manage ​Theses ​at top of page+[[https://​scholarworks.umass.edu/​etds/​|ScholarWorks ​Dissertations ​and Theses]] 
-Click on Batch Revise Excel+Click __My Account__ at the top right-hand corner, and log in. **NOTE: ​ Managerial permissions are needed for accomplishing this task!**
-Click on the Generate button ​to get a spreadsheet of all of the current data from the Masters Theses May 2014 - current series ​+**There are two ways to access Manage functions:​**
-Wait for it to download+__First Method__ 
 +  - SCROLL DOWN to **DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS** (Series dissertations_2/​) or to **MASTERS THESES** (Series masters_theses_2/​) 
 +  - Click __Manage Dissertations__ or __Manage Theses__ underneath these titles.
-Click refresh ​on your browser if it gets stuck and says pending ​for too long+__Second Method__ 
 +  - Click on the URLs for: [[https://​scholarworks.umass.edu/​dissertations_2/​|Doctoral Dissertations]] or [[https://​scholarworks.umass.edu/​masters_theses_2/​|Masters Theses]] 
 +  - Click __Manage Dissertations__ or __Manage Theses__ in the black bar at the top of the screen.
-Under spreadsheet history click Download spreadsheet+=== B. Process ===
-click filter+  - Click **Batch revise Excel** on left side of window. 
 +  - Under the window for **Batch Revise** Go to 1. Generate a spreadsheet of current data etc., click the **Generate** button. ​ Wait for it to download. ​ **NOTE: ​ It will show as pending under Spreadsheet History; screen may need to be refreshed after a while.** 
 +  - When Download instruction appears, click to open spreadsheet.  
 +  - Click "​Enable editing"​ and copy to personal folder. ​ It will appear with a name similar to the following: ​ "Copy of dissertations_2_1.xls_Fri_Sep_27_13_49_18_2019part_1-2. **NOTE: ​ IMPORTANT! Make no changes to this "copy spreadsheet"​ other than cutting and pasting the necessary revisions! ​ The copy spreadsheet will be used for upload back into ScholarWorks.** 
 +  - Create a **working spreadsheet.** ​ Copy the downloaded spreadsheet a second time to personal folder, under new name (i.e., Dissertations_Sept2019_openaccess) ​ **NOTE: ​ Do all manipulations required for revising and checking on this "​working spreadsheet"​!** 
 +  - In working spreadsheet,​ go to DATA/Sort, verify that "my data has headers"​ is checked, and sort column for **document_type** found near the beginning, e.g. Column C or D. Insert 1 or more blank rows at the top and bottom of the grouping of entries labeled "​campusone"​ making sure that all rows have an entry in this column. 
 +  - Highlight top cell of separated section, remove check from "my data has headers"​ and sort section by **degree_year** (probably Column G or I). 
 +  - Highlight all "​campusone"​ titles dated a year or more ago, checking the column for **award_month** to fine-tune the date range. 
 +  - Using Find/​Replace,​ replace campusone with openaccess for the highlighted titles. 
 +  - Remove the blank rows inserted in Step 5, go to Data/Sort and recheck "my data has headers,"​ and sort by **context_key,​** using Order A-Z; column will be near the far right side of the spreadsheet). This will return the working spreadsheet to its original sorted form.  Save. 
 +  - SAFETY CHECK no.1:  Insert a blank column beside the context_key column in the **working spreadsheet,​** highlight the context_key column from the **copy spreadsheet,​** copy it, and paste into the blank column in the **working spreadsheet.** Use Find&​Select/​Go to Special…/​Row differences to make sure these columns are identical. ​ **IMPORTANT: ​ Do not disturb the copy spreadsheet other than copying the context_key column!**  
 +  - If the context_key columns are identical, copy the **__entire__ document_type** column from the working spreadsheet,​ into the **document_type** column of the copy spreadsheet. ​ Save the copy spreadsheet. 
 +  - SAFETY CHECK no.2:  Insert a blank column into the **working spreadsheet** beside the document_type column, copy the newly-revised document_type information from the **copy worksheet** into it, and compare with Row differences. ​ If identical, everything is OK.  Close the working spreadsheet.
-click arrow at top of the document type column+=== C. Final Step ===
-Select ​campusone+  - Return to the ScholarWorks/​Batch Revise window and go to 4. Upload revised spreadsheet,​ click the **Browse...** button, choose "copy spreadsheet from personal folder,"​ click **Upload.**  
 +  - **Troubleshooting errors:** If errors are present in the spreadsheet,​ a message will appear in the Batch Revise window, indicating which row(s) contain the error. ​ Investigate on the working spreadsheet. ​ NOTE:  A probable source for erroneous characters will be the Abstract column. ​ Paragraphs are indicated in this column by <p> (start) and </p> (end). Abstracts can contain more than one paragraph! ​ Review entire text for peculiarities. 
 +  - If something strange is found, correct in the working spreadsheet,​ copy the cell and paste into the copy spreadsheet. ​ **NOTE: ​ The row height may expand when doing this; readjust to match the other rows through Format/Cell Size/Row Height.** ​ Save. 
 +  - Repeat **Upload.** 
 +  - Emails will provide notification when the upload is received, and when processing has been completed. ​ After receiving the second email, update the site by clicking **Update ir_etd** (can also be done through the email link). ​ This completes the job.  
 +  - Schedule for changing ​campusone ​to openaccess: ​ Optimally 3 times/year (approx. May, September, and February) or twice per year (approx. August, February) for ETD's dated a year or more earlier. 
 +  - When everything is done: Send notification to the Sue Mellin at the graduate school, with cc's to Meghan and Erin Jerome.
-Sort spreadsheet by publication date oldest to newest 
-Delete all of the titles that have a publication date of less than 1 year ago 
-Highlight whole spreadsheet+//​[[lucyd@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Lucy deGozzaldi]]//​.
-Use control F to find and replace all campusone document types and change to openaccess 
-Save and name spreadsheet February 2015 campusone to open access (in Feb 2016) or May 2015 in May 2016 
-Go back to ScholarWorks and upload revised spreadsheet 
-**Change schedule:** 
-In May 2016:  
-Change all May 2015 (or earlier) theses and dissertations from campusone to openaccess 
-In September 2016:  
-Change all September 2015 (or earlier) theses and dissertations from campusone to openaccess 
-In February 2017:  
-Change all February 2016 (or earlier) theses and dissertations from campusone to openaccess 
-In May 2017:  
-Change all May 2016 (or earlier) theses and dissertations from campusone to openaccess 
-In September 2017:  
-Change all September 2016 (or earlier) theses and dissertations from campusone to openaccess 
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