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 +De-ref items (Monographs)
 +These may come to me one or two at a time or come as a project on a book truck from Liz Fitzpatrick or Althea.
 +Wand in the barcode on the book and make sure that it matches the bib record. ​ In the Holdings record change the subfield c of the 852  to UGEN (if there is a subfield m with a + it can be deleted but the + doesn’t need to be crossed out on the spine label) In the item record change the status to 01.
 +Exception: if we already have a copy in DuBois that isn’t missing or withdrawn check the stacks to see if it is on the shelf – if it is there the Ref copy can be discarded. Add the SUPPRESSED field to the HLR for the Ref copy ;  in the item record change item process status to MI and in the CIRC note add:  wdn ; date ; initials. ​ Put item on Discard truck. On Cataloging statistic sheet count discarded item under WITHDRAWALS.
 +For de-ref items that are going to the stacks cross off the Ref. location with black marker and put on truck going to Stacks Management (if a label is really illegible I make a new label )
 +STATISTICS: on the cataloging statistic sheet add a category for de-ref under the Titles recataloged section – count each title, not number of actual volumes.
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