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 +(Aleph Workflow-Information Resources Management)
 +(Working Draft, 4/​1/​10) ​
 +====== Deleting Records in ALEPH (simple instructions) ======
 +//​NOTE: ​ These instructions are for deleting a bibliographic record. ​ However, in some cases you may want to **only** delete one or more of the attached records (HOL, ADM, Order, etc.). ​ The following instructions will also apply.// ​
 +Open bibliographic record in Cataloging Module
 +===== Delete Items and HOL =====
 +Open list of items (if any).  Delete or transfer all items from record.
 +==== To Delete Items: ====
 +  - Enter a character in the Internal Note field under __3. General Information (2)__ if necessary.
 +  - Fix irregularities in the item. (For example, if numbers are present in Enum.Level.2(B) under __5. Serial Levels__, but not in Enum.Level.1(A)(vol.),​ enter a character in Enum.Level.1(A)(vol.)
 +  - Delete item.
 +==== To Transfer Items: ====
 +  - Unlink items from HOL record.
 +  - Make sure no item has an order record number present under __3. General Information (2)__
 +  - Open a split screen, and call up bibliographic record to which you want to transfer items **(BIB#​2)**,​ so that it is side-by-side with the record you want to transfer from **(BIB#​1)**.
 +  - Click the “overview tree” button (2nd icon from left on the top right of Cataloging screen, with three little squares)
 +  - Drag the items to be transferred from **BIB#1** to the ADM of **BIB#​2**. ​ //​NOTE: ​ This will be a different place from where other items are attached to **BIB#2** (under an HOL).// ​ Click off “overview tree” button.
 +  - Go to item list of **BIB#​2**. ​ Link transferred items to correct HOL.
 +  - Close **BIB#2**.
 +Once no more items exist on the bibliographic record to be deleted (**BIB#1** above), you can delete the HOL.  You might get a green note that the HOL is attached to a subscription,​ but you can override this.
 +===== Delete ADM, Order, Subscription =====
 +The ADM **cannot** be deleted from a bibliographic record if it has a subscription and/or order record attached. ​ Subscriptions and order records must be deleted in the Acquisitions Module.
 +==== To Delete Orders and Subscriptions:​ ====
 +  - Open Acquisitions Module by clicking the four-dot icon (first one on left) at right-hand **bottom** of screen.  ​
 +  - Click ALEPH tab in the top left-hand corner in the Acquisitions Module.
 +  - Highlight CONNECT TO… and choose the ADM you wish to delete (or example, UMA50 for UMass, AMH50 for Amherst, etc.)
 +  - Return to bibliographic record in the Cataloging Module, by clicking the long tab on the bottom of the screen. ​
 +  - Push the record into Acquisitions by clicking Open Acquisitions Record (four-dot icon) on the right-hand **top** of the screen.
 +  - Highlight [L] Order List and delete order record if one exists. ​ //NOTE(1): If there is money encumbered, you will get a warning message. ​ In this case DO NOT delete order. ​ The ADM and bib. record need to stay in the system. ​ Insert a STA SUPPRESSED field into the bib.  If desired, you can add a brief HOL with a 590 note explaining the situation, and STA SUPPRESSED inserted. ​ NOTE(2): Order records may also be transferred to a more appropriate bib, using the "​overview tree." ​ NOTE(3): If order record status is "​SV"​ (Sent to Vendor) it is still active. ​ Either transfer it per NOTE(2) or bring it to the attention of Acquisitions staff before deletion.//
 +  - Click the “stack of books” (Serial), highlight [L] Subscription List (1), and delete subscription.
 +==== To delete ADM and bibliographic record: ====
 +  - Return to bibliographic record in the Cataloging Module. ​ Highlight ADM record and call it up on the screen. ​ Hit Control-R (or Edit Text) to delete it from the server.
 +  - Delete bibliographic record from the server.
 +//​[[lucyd@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Lucy deGozzaldi]]//​.
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