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-====== ​Five College Library ​Depository ======+====== Depository ​Packing Slip for Serials ​======
 +Serial/​periodical transfers to the Five College Depository need to be accompanied by packing slips {{:​depository_transfer_packing_slip_112309.doc|}}. ​ A separate packing slip is used for each title change/bib, although all slips can be put in the first volume of the publication. ​
-====== Item Transfer Packing Slip ====== +We do not use packing slips for monographs. ​
- +
 +If you have any questions about using packing slips please contact Catherine Knapp (577-0579) or Linda Kurowski at the Depository (542-8903).
-Please complete this form for each title transferred and put it inside the first volume of the title 
-Date of transfer: 
-Donor library: 
-Item title: 
-OCLC #: 
-Holdings: volume numbers/​dates:​ 
 + --- //​[[cknapp@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Catherine Knapp]]//
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