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 +====== DVD Processing Instructions – Feb 2020 ======
 +Use this DVD as an example when you process the DVDs in the back room.
 +1.  Target the outside spine of the case – black cases get ½ target (centered in middle); clear cases get whole target (centered down spine, do not start at top of case).
 +NOTE: For CLEAR cases: If back of jacket is plain white, put full target on spine portion of paper jacket. ​ If back of jacket has info/​pictures on it, place full target on outer side of case spine (target will show thru – that’s okay). ​
 +2.  Ownership label on inside material (sheet, leaflet [folded], or booklet [staples]) – upper right corner. ​ If material is not glossy finish, you can use SMALL stamp instead.
 +3.  Ownership on disc/s – using special pen, write UMA on bottom of inner circle; if more than 1 disc, write disc 1/#, 2/#, etc. (#  = total discs in case). ​ *** DO NOT write on any part of disc if it is double-sided;​ can only write on CLEAR part of inner circle. ​ (When in doubt, you can leave them for me to do).
 +4.  Contents label on front of case – upper left corner below the barcode.
 +5.  Call # labels – (min. of 2 per case PLUS [if needed] any additional for inside contents).
 +  Cut off excess blank bottom of each label.
 +REGULAR CASE – 1 call # label on front of case in upper right corner.
 +                                              – 1 call # label on spine (DO NOT cover catalog #​s).  ​
 +                                              –  Place clear label protector tape over spine call # label only.
 +THIN CASE – 1 call # label on front of case in upper right corner.
 +                                       – 1 call # label on bottom left corner. ​ (NO tape on this one.) 
 +Additional material – only 1 call # label on each additional material inside case (sheet, leaflet, booklet) – upper left corner (or wherever it will fit without covering any info).
 +6.  If PAL/Region 2 dvd add additional label.
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