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 +====== E-Book Cataloging ======
 +How a MARC record for an individual e-book title gets into our catalog depends on the publisher and source of the records. Some come as part of packages and some are ordered on a title-by-title basis. Mike Allard keeps a schedule for autoloads of vendor records at W:/​Departmental Folders/​Acquisitions/​Electronic resources/​Statistics/​eresource_load_stats.xlsx. ​
 +The processes for adding titles from different sources are described below.
 +===== Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) =====
 +  * After an individual or group of titles is ordered, an activation notice with an invoice number is sent via email by Gale.
 +  * This email should be forwarded to Mike Allard (maa@library.umass.edu)
 +  * The Gale MARC record download site is at [[http://​marc.gale.com/​cgi-bin/​marc_merge/​listfiles.pl]]
 +  * Our location code (mlin_w_umassamh) and the invoice number enable a prompt for downloading specific records.
 +NOTE:   ​- ​
 +Archival copies of the books on CD-ROMs are sent to the library automatically via the Automatic CD Shipment process, per Adrienne Roach (Gale.TechnicalSupport@cengage.com),​ 2/9/09, ct. Upon receipt these are clearly marked with titles included and sent to Rob Cox in SCUA.
 +--- //​[[cturner@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Christine Turner]]//
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