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 http://​silk.library.umass.edu/​login?​url=http://​next.srds.com http://​silk.library.umass.edu/​login?​url=http://​next.srds.com
 +Subfield z should say: **UMass: Link to resource**
-Subfield z should say+For an additional copy of a purchased e-resource:
-UMass: Link to resource+__If the links are the same between all copies__ 
 +  - Keep just the one url in the 856 field in the Holdings record  
 +  - Record an access note in the bib record in MARC field 506 to indicate the level of access if one isn’t present or doesn’t capture the new level of access for all additional copies 
 +  - A note can also be added to the order record to say that there is only 1 bib/​hol/​item for all the copies (should be done by Acquisitions) 
 +__If the links are different between copies__ 
 +  - Add another 856 to the Holdings record 
 +  - Add a MARC field 506 (or amend if already present) to indicate the level(s) of access for all copies
 //​[[mbergin@umass.edu|Primary contact: Meghan Bergin]]// //​[[mbergin@umass.edu|Primary contact: Meghan Bergin]]//
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