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 +====== *ARCHIVED* ======
 ====== E-Resources Cataloging Instructions for Free Internet Resources ====== ====== E-Resources Cataloging Instructions for Free Internet Resources ======
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   * WorldCat Local catalog   * WorldCat Local catalog
   * SFX for e-journals if there is a target available   * SFX for e-journals if there is a target available
-  * Database Locator for selected databases ​+
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 https://​docs.google.com/​forms/​d/​1M_6__F1CcrvK99Qt768y9olYYXUy_BE1iEZCl8nhjgU/​viewform https://​docs.google.com/​forms/​d/​1M_6__F1CcrvK99Qt768y9olYYXUy_BE1iEZCl8nhjgU/​viewform
-  * The forms go to the electronic resources cataloger in BAMU+  *  ​Catherine will check this spreadsheet for new requests on a regular schedule and update ​the spreadsheet to indicate whether it will be cataloged with a MARCit record or not: 
 +  * Only catalog resources that say "No MARCit"​  
 +  * Search OCLC to see if there is a record available ​
-  * If the resource is a journal do not catalog ​it.  Instead pass it on to the electronic resources librarian who will check to see if the title can be activated in SFX and cataloged with a MARCit record.+  * Attach our holdings to the record and export ​it to Aleph
-  * If the resource is a database, the form should also be passed ​on the person in charge of adding databases ​to the Database Locator after it has been cataloged.+  * Update ​the Cataloging Status column ​on the spreadsheet ​to say either Cataloged or No hit
-  * Do we need to do something with the WorldCat Local Knowledge base?+  * After these steps have been completed notify ​the selector via email that the resource was cataloged or not.
-  * After these steps have been completed notify ​the selector ​via email that the resource ​was cataloged.+  * If the selector ​wants the resource ​added to the Database Locator notify Liz Fitzpatrick.
 ===== Cataloging ===== ===== Cataloging =====
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 **Example:​** ​ **Example:​** ​
-856 40 ‡u http://​www.library.umass.edu/​spcoll/​duboisopedia/​doku.php ‡z Connect ​to this title+856 40 ‡u http://​www.library.umass.edu/​spcoll/​duboisopedia/​doku.php ‡z Link to free resource
 Subfield z should say: Subfield z should say:
-Connect ​to this title (for free e-resources)+Link to free resource ​(for free e-resources)
-UMass: ​Connect ​to this title (for licensed e-resources)+UMass: ​Link to resource ​(for licensed e-resources)
 ==== Export record to ALEPH ==== ==== Export record to ALEPH ====
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-Move URL to holdings record, and delete call number ​form 852 field.+Move URL to holdings record, and delete call number ​from 852 field.
 ===== Examples ===== ===== Examples =====
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