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 ====== E-Resources Cataloging Instructions for Free Internet Resources ====== ====== E-Resources Cataloging Instructions for Free Internet Resources ======
 +===== Guidelines =====
 +In general we will catalog any open access resource that is scholarly in nature and has a record available to download from OCLC. We will also do original cataloging for open access resources that are scholarly in nature and are in some way affiliated with UMass Amherst or the Five Colleges.
 +Access will be provided through the following discovery tools:
 +  * Aleph catalog
 +  * WorldCat Local catalog
 +  * SFX for e-journals if there is a target available
 ===== Workflow ===== ===== Workflow =====
-  * Free internet resources are usually selected ​by the collection development librarians, who fill out "​Request for cataloging free internet resources"​ form+  * Free internet resources are chosen ​by selectors and others, who fill out an online ​"​Request for cataloging free internet resources"​ form
-  * The forms go to the electronic resources librarians in Acquisitions. The electronic resources librarians check to see if there are any licensing issues. ​  +
-  * Then the forms are passed on to Cataloging. +
-  * If the resource is a database, the form should also be passed on the person in charge of adding databases to the Database Locator +
-  * After these steps have been completed the forms are returned to the selector.+
-===== Cataloging =====+https://​docs.google.com/​forms/​d/​1M_6__F1CcrvK99Qt768y9olYYXUy_BE1iEZCl8nhjgU/​viewform
-**__For e-journals ALWAYS ​check to see if there is a MarcIt ​record, before cataloging with a record ​from OCLC.  Either check SFX or ask an electronic resources librarian ​to check for you by emailing dbhelp@library.umass.edu__**+  ​ ​Catherine will check this spreadsheet for new requests on a regular schedule and update the spreadsheet to indicate whether it will be cataloged with a MARCit record or not: 
 +  * Only catalog resources that say "No MARCit"​  
 +  * Search OCLC to see if there is a record ​available  
 +  * Attach our holdings to the record ​and export it to Aleph 
 +  * Update the Cataloging Status column on the spreadsheet ​to say either Cataloged or No hit 
 +  * After these steps have been completed notify the selector via email that the resource was cataloged or not. 
 +  ​If the selector wants the resource added to the Database Locator notify Liz Fitzpatrick. 
 +===== Cataloging =====
   * First, decide whether the resource is a monograph/​book,​ a continuing resource, or a computer file.    * First, decide whether the resource is a monograph/​book,​ a continuing resource, or a computer file. 
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 **Example:​** ​ **Example:​** ​
-856 40 ‡u http://​www.library.umass.edu/​spcoll/​duboisopedia/​doku.php ‡z Connect ​to this title+856 40 ‡u http://​www.library.umass.edu/​spcoll/​duboisopedia/​doku.php ‡z Link to free resource
 Subfield z should say: Subfield z should say:
-Connect ​to this title (for free e-resources)+Link to free resource ​(for free e-resources)
-UMass: ​Connect ​to this title (for licensed e-resources)+UMass: ​Link to resource ​(for licensed e-resources)
 ==== Export record to ALEPH ==== ==== Export record to ALEPH ====
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-Move URL to holdings record, and delete call number ​form 852 field.+Move URL to holdings record, and delete call number ​from 852 field.
 ===== Examples ===== ===== Examples =====
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-//​[[mbanach@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Meghan ​Banach]]//+//​[[mbanach@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Meghan ​Bergin]]//
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