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-**IRM Evolving Workflows**\\ 
-{{:​irm_workflow_review_task_force_final_report_with_attachments.pdf|IRM Workflow Review Task Force Final Report}}\\ 
-{{:​prioritizing_planning.pdf|Prioritizing and Planning}}\\ 
-{{:​workflow_template.docx|Workflows Template}}\\ 
-{{:​2015irmorg.pdf|IRM Organization Chart 2015 (historical)}}\\ 
-{{:​irm_chart_2017.pdf|IRM Organization Chart 2017 (new)}}\\ 
-{{:​irmmajorunitactivities2017.pdf|IRM Major Unit Activities 2017}}\\ 
-{{:​irmpersonnelchart2017.pdf|IRM Personnel Chart 2017}}\\ 
-The IRM Department has experienced significant changes in the last few years due to numerous factors: changing user expectations,​ retirements,​ the shift from print to electronic resources, new formats and new kinds of resources, and enhanced management tools. IRM has engaged in ongoing assessment and revision of many workflows to adapt to these changes, more as triage than as a defined plan of action. ​ 
-In 2014, the IRM Workflow Review Task Force released a report that included an environmental scan of peer institutions,​ survey results from internal surveys, and recommendations on how to move forward. In 2016 and beyond, we will build on the work of the Task Force in conjunction with supporting the Libraries Three-Year Plan. Specifically,​ we will develop, advance and engage in processes that allow our staff to support critical workflows, utilize current skill sets and acquire new skills necessary to build, provide access to, and maintain our scholarly collections. 
-__Evolving Workflows Action Plan:__ 
-  * 1.Discuss action plan: //​March/​April//​ 
-    * At March 30th department meeting 
-    * In April at unit meetings 
-    * At April 27th department meeting 
-  * 2.Review and document current workflows: //​May-July//​ 
-    * a.Staff/​peer-to-peer review/​analysis 
-    * Record each separate workflow 
-  * 3.Analysis of workflows: //​May-Sept//​ 
-    * What do we need to keep doing? 
-    * What are we doing that needs to change? 
-    * What can we stop doing? 
-    * What do we need to be doing that we are not doing? 
-  * 4.Card sort activity: //Oct// 
-    * Create cards of updated workflows 
-    * Divide department personnel into 4 to 6 groups for this activity 
-    * Each group will sort like workflows into separate categories/​groupings 
-    * Record the results from each group 
-  * 5.Analysis of card sort activity: //Oct (starting at retreat)// 
-    * See what was the same across groups 
-    * See what was different 
-    * Present findings so everyone is informed before moving to the next step 
-  * 6.Identify possible models for department organization:​ //Oct-Nov// 
-    * Combine needs, discards and shifts to come up with at least 2 possibilities for the evolution of our current departmental structure/​workflows 
-    * Discuss as a group and select the best option 
-    * Design new departmental structure 
-  * 7.Pre-implementation:​ //Nov-Dec// 
-    * Rework and refine job descriptions 
-    * Establish a preliminary list of positions needed 
-    * Determine how training will occur and establish a timeline 
-    * Document workflows (new, changed and those that stay the same but have not already been documented) 
-  * 8.Conduct training/​implement updated departmental structure: //Jan-June 2017// 
-__Proposed Timeline:__ 
-__Additional Resources:​__ 
-[[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=YgjfhUIlgpA|Organization design and restructuring teams... a thinkpiece]] 
-[[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=AIeZ95q2QvE|Video Review for What Got You Here Won't Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith]] 
-Dan Pink: Drive -- The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us 
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