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 +(Aleph Workflow--Information Resources Management)\\ ​
 +(Working Draft, rev. 5/14/10 by L. deGozzaldi from document written by Marcelle Lipke, 1/27/10)
 +====== Fly Record Processing ======
 +We are presently dealing with Fly records by deleting the Fly record to which the book in hand is linked, and re-linking the book to the proper bibliographic record in Aleph. ​ Fly records have most of the trappings of a regular record. All components of the record must be deleted, and in the following order: Item, HOL (if there is one), Admin, Bib.
 +===== Deleting the Fly Item Record: =====
 +  - Wand in the barcode via the **Item Bar** at the top left of the screen.
 +  - Delete the item by first inserting text, i.e. a single letter, into the **Internal Note** field of the **3. General Information (2)** tab. This note must be filled and the record must be updated before continuing. ​
 +  - Click **Delete** in the upper pane.
 +  - **Delete Confirmation** box will appear with the question: “Are you sure you want to delete item?” Click Yes. The screen should now be empty.
 +  - Push record into Cataloging by clicking the **Edit BIB Record** button at the top right of the screen. The Fly Bib will appear on the screen. In the **Navigation Tree** under **Edit Records** (on the top left of the screen), the FCL01 (bib. number) should be highlighted. ​
 +===== Deleting the Fly HOL, Admin, and Bib Records: =====
 +Start by recognizing the various components of the record in the **Record Manager Window** on the bottom left of the screen:
 +  - FCL01 = Bib number.
 +  - FCL60 = HOL number. (There usually isn’t one, in which case it should read: “No records available.”)  ​
 +  - UMA50 = Admin number.
 +  - ITEMS = Item record. (It should read “No ITEMS available” because you just deleted the Item.)
 +IF there is a HOL Record:
 +  - It must be deleted after the Item and before the Admin and Bib.
 +  - Find the HOL record in the **Record Manager** window and double click on it. 
 +  - On the toolbar click **Edit Text**. On the drop-down menu, select **Delete Record from Server**. ​ The Aleph Catalog box will appear with the question: “Delete record from server?” Click **Yes**. ​ //NOTE: This can be accomplished also by keying **Ctrl R + “Yes.”**// ​ The HOL should be gone.
 +IF there is no HOL Record (this is normal):
 +  - Find the Administrative Record (UMA50) in the **Record Manager** window. Double click on it.  The Admin Record will now fill the screen. In the **Navigation Tree** under **Edit Records** (on the top left of the screen), the UMA50 (Admin number) should be highlighted. If a gray screen appears, click **OK** box at upper right.
 +  - On the toolbar, click **Edit Text**. ​ On the drop down menu, select **Delete Record from Server**. //NOTE: This can be accomplished also by keying **Ctrl R + “Yes.”**//  ​
 +  - The Bib record should now occupy the screen. (Confirm this by looking at the **Navigation Tree** under **Edit Records**.)
 +  - The Fly record is now minus both HOL and Admin records. In the **Record Manager** window, UMA50 should read: "No record available."​
 +  - It's time to delete the Bib record--just as you have deleted the Administrative Record above. The screen should now be blank. ​ The Fly Record has been deleted.
 +OWN Field Problems:
 +   * When you try to delete the Bib, OWN field problems might arise.
 +   * If so, the following window will appear:
 +     ​Remote service error
 +     You are not authorized to edit this record based on existing “OWN” fields.
 +   * Click OK.
 +   * The Bib can be deleted only by a cataloger.
 +   * Jot the Bib number down on a list: “OWN Field Problems” for a cataloger to delete later.  ​
 +===== Linking =====
 +The book is now ready to link as usual.
 +===== Special Linking Instructions for Federal Gov. Docs. =====
 +The Gov. Docs. department feels that a partial list of linked items is confusing to the patrons, and has requested that the linked items in such a list be suppressed from public view. If __all__ items of a particular title are linked, they do not need to be suppressed.
 +The following instructions apply __only__ to Federal Gov. Docs. shelved in the Gov. Docs. dept. These documents will have Sublibrary and Collection codes of UMDUB UDGEN, and  SUDOCS numbers, for example, ED 1.102/​2-2:​ST 94x (searchable under **[B] Browse** in the **Navigation Tree**, under **Headings List:** Gov. Doc. Call Numbers). ​ They also apply __only__ to multiple-volume sets (such as serials) which are not all linked.
 +When linking the book in hand to its proper Gov. Docs. bibliographic record:
 +  - There should be one dummy item in the item list. Leave as is. Do not delete or alter to match the book in hand.
 +  - After linking the item and filling in the proper codes, enter SU (for suppressed) in the Item Process Status field under **2. General Information (1)**.
 +//​[[lucyd@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Lucy deGozzaldi]]//​.
 +//​[[mlipke@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Marcelle Lipke]]//
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