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-When a monographic gift item is first unpacked, keep any inserts/​letters about the gift with the item and insert a Gift Routing Slip (see Susan to obtain). Either give the item to Susan, or follow this procedure 
-  * Write the date on the routing slip, next to "Date rec'​d."​ 
-  * Search ALEPH by title. ​ 
-  * If UMass Amherst does not hold the title, check "Title not in collection."​ 
-  * If UMass Amherst holds the title, check "​Library already has another COPY/​EDITION"​ as appropriate. ​ 
-  * Check in the upper right of the item record display to see how many times the existing copy or edition has been checked out, and write that number in the gift routing slip next to "​Number of check-outs."​ 
-  * Place book with filled-out routing slip on the "​GIFTS:​ NEED SELECTOR DECISION"​ shelves 
-Selectors should first check either "Add to Collection"​ or "Do Not Add to Collection."​ Selector should place "Add to Collection"​ items on either the "Gifts to be Kept" or "​Priority Gifts" shelf. "Do Not Add to Collection"​ items can be placed on the "​Better World Books" shelf or discarded as the selector deems appropriate. 
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