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-====== IRM Social Media ====== 
-The IRM Social Media working group currently consists of [[annem@umass.edu|Anne Miller]], [[cturner@library.umass.edu|Christine Turner]], [[ladydi@library.umass.edu|Diana Pacunas]], [[ljames@library.umass.edu|Lorraine James]] and [[sep@library.umass.edu|Susan Pease]]. Christine, Diana and Susan have admin/​posting rights to the Libraries'​ Facebook page. 
-===== Goals ===== 
-  - To share/​promote IRM activities to Libraries, UMass community, Library communities,​ Pioneer Valley 
-  - To raise visibility and educate people about what we do and its value 
-  - To engage with our users and communities about what we do 
-  - To build community amongst IRM staff, colleagues and patrons 
-===== Libraries Channels =====  ​ 
-  * [[https://​www.facebook.com/​umassamherstlibraries/​|Facebook]] 
-  * [[https://​twitter.com/​UMassLibraries|Twitter]] 
-  * Instagram - UMassAmherstLibraries ​ 
-  * [[https://​www.youtube.com/​user/​UMassAmherstLibrary|YouTube]] 
-===== Posting Guidelines ===== 
-  * Person who creates content will get review from one person in our group prior to posting. Research and brainstorm potential hashtags together? 
-  * If reviewed (NYTimes, award winners), link to review 
-  * Existing cover art image or photo taken here? Personalized photos could be fun 
-  * How to get item, location (call #, link, floor#, etc.) 
-  * If item ( book, periodical) available online, add link 
-  * Staff profile - interests, favorite movie, favorite book, favorite music 
-  * After we post to FB, if we want to Tweet, send request with hashtags to Alison 
-  * Person who posts is responsible for responding to questions and comments (as appropriate 
-  * Draft text and contents of posts in [[https://​docs.google.com/​a/​umass.edu/​document/​d/​1RFifP3ax8DuLIFXqJCqhLR_G-OUDvmpK0OzYBr-yeEI/​edit?​usp=sharing|Working drafts of posts]] with date posted 
---- //​[[cturner@library.umass.edu|Primary contact: Christine Turner]]// 
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